Tutorial – How to install stb emulator on amazon fire tv stick & boxes.

Best boxes with cloudword:

Download wondershare:

Download stb emulator:



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  1. dude you forgot to mention that after you do the the installation you have to pay a lot'y either way though for the most part love your's videos y t pregunte the mashTV pero no me as contestado

  2. Solo man how do you enter the information on the username and password?

    I can't seem to get to type in those sections through the emulator, but thanks for getting me this far.

  3. all that talking and he never showed how to install it on a smart tv …he is good at what he do but he needs to stop talking so fast and take his time like soulman

  4. Hi soloman I installed and configured STB emulator I followed all instructions I also installed Nitro Tv. On the emulator I get the message Your STB is blocked. Call the provider. Who am I supposed to call or how do I fix the issue? Thanks Bob

  5. solo man i need some help with this STB EMULATOR. i am stuck on the loading bar and i cant get any farther. i got it installed and i got the info from my iptv provider but no luck. stuck on the loading bar.

  6. Hi all works great. however when on videoclub and select adult. you have to input your pin 0000 with on screen keyboard. this ok but when selecting channel it asks for pin once more. then the on screen keyboard will not enter 0000 into box so cannot view???? any ideas. this ok on live tv


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