Comcast, xfinity, verizon, at&t and other companies have started to block Kodi and iptv services.

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  1. I don't know what you guys get from making these vids but they are great! Awesome source of info on this subject. I think going through a VPN is the way to go to solve many of the issues talked about in this video. I just signed up for one yesterday through keepsolid for around $5 a month. Cheaper if you go longer but I wanted to test it and see how it works. Very easy. The app pulls up a list a servers world wide, just click one and now all your traffic is routed through them. I didn't notice any difference in speed of my internet connection.

  2. No offense guys but u got some snitches that are telling on you and may shut ya channel down for giving out such intel like this. These agents don't want us to bend the rules they wanna see us abide by their rules and regulations otherwise they are starting to make such threats to folks & etc.


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