startup delivers IPTV app that REALLY WORKS, is FREE and totally legal. Too good to be true? Check this out! Works on FireStick, FireTV, Apple TV, ROKU and Android.


  1. This really looks , organized and works great on iOS. I don't think any streaming tv app is done better than Pluto TV. I also have PS Vue , Pluto is actually more intuitive and more snappy than PS Vue. It really is a well done app it's super smooth. Kudos to the developer.

  2. By far the best looking, most responsive, and organized UI of all. Too bad the content is lack luster and nothing interesting… But other live streaming services should really take notice of the intuitive UI and performance.

  3. Hi Oeter, need help please sometimes I download m3u8, or m3u files to IPTV APP where i can watch channels,some m3u8 file download fine but when i play it plays for few second and stop. how to fix that,? I have tried free vpn but won't work; please let me know if you have other fix.thank you.

  4. when I got my fire tv stick this was one of the first apps that downloaded. yeah the content is so so but with, sling, kodi and Pluto with a few more I have plenty of t.v. to watch. definitely better than any other satellite or cable company.

  5. . hey Peter also do a video on the on-demand videos that they give you I watch those all the time free movies as well with advertisements but hey you can't beat it check it out and do a video on it and by the way this app is awesome I do love it I'm almost tempted to start using it all the time and get rid of my DirecTV and also use I also use watch2stream as well

  6. Hi. I am able to download it on my android box but I get full screen and i can't open your channel menu. I have arrows on the right to allow me to change channels.


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