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  1. Has good channel list and good quality. But it has buffering issues. I have kodi on firestick and cant get it to stop buffering even with acceleration turned off. I have had live tv before with no issuse so it must be the iptv subs addon.

  2. everyone has there own preferences. iptv66 just took there prices down to 9.00dollars a month with 3 servers now. but techtimeruuu just did a video on a channel script with less channels but majority hd with red button. check it out

  3. i just signed up. i got an email with pswd and username, it´s got fewer channels than stalker, and i clicked on IFC and it buffers and Retro TV has picture with no sound…does anyone one know where to get a free trial with stalker iptv?

  4. hello I keep trying to get this add-on which I have no problem downloading the add-on to Kodi and 4 days now I've been trying to do the one day free trial to see if I like it I have no problem paying for a subscription but I'm having lots of problems getting the one day free trial and I am not willing to deal with the same problem with a paid prescription the problem I'm having is every time I try to enter my username and password in the Kodi app it tells me it is incorrect I have gone on IPTV sub website and all they do is tell me how to download the app to Kodi they will not tell me what the problem I'm having is I go on their site and reset my password and it tells me it is fine but when I go to the Kodi app and put the new password in it tells me it is the wrong username and password if you can help me in any way that would be appreciated or if you can give me a different IPTV add-on that would be fine too


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