Quality HD IPTV channels

Email info@ezetv.co.uk for details on how to add this to your Zgemma box. I will then email you 2 files to upload to your enigma2 box and the files will incorporate a username and password that I will have to setup for it to work.

Will only take you 5 or 10 mins to setup.

Can also put this service on any ENIGMA2 box, a SMART TV, ANDROID BOX or mobile phone/tablet.


  1. to put the XC plugin on your Zgemma you need to connect your computer to your zgemma and load the files on to it.

    i will upload instructions on how to do it later.

    if you are local i can call and do it for you or if you have a pc then i can remotely access your pc and sort it for you.

    please email info@ezetv.co.uk to organise.

  2. I'm curious..With my setup right now, (Just using the STB Emu Pro app) I am able to Favorite specific channels, and then when I choose the "ALL" channel group, I then have the ability to have ONLY my Favorite channels be displayed…Can I do that with THIS device? Thanks!

  3. Is anyone having trouble with the IPTV plugin on Zgemma? Whenever I watch a TV show in 1280 x 720 quality it keeps freezing and skipping. I have 100 meg fibre broadband so it can't be that, any one know a solution?


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