A common question I get is if KODI, Streaming and TV Boxes are legal. Also, with the rumors getting everyday more numerous and also with the latest stunt by KODI the topic became more popular than ever. Are KODI, Streaming and TV Boxes related to online piracy? Let’s talk about it…

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  1. So many of you pieces of shit are quick to defend this foreign piece of shit when he is showing you how to obtain access to illegal movie and TV show streams. Well, I will deal with this channel accordingly. Count on it!

  2. load kodi and someone tell me whats in it thats illegal…now this means before the builds and 3rd party addons?…then u will have your answer if kodi is shutting down…fyi no its not shutting down…unreal the click baiting they do just to get attention yet all this fear mongering made them hits on their youtube yet none of the shit they say is true its all about the benjis…oh well what do u expect from a bunch of fucktards

  3. thank God.. a voice of reason inside all this kodi drama!! Dimi.. great job with this and all your videos.. thanks for giving truth instead of sensationalist ideals like other YouTubers!! For giving the people what it is and how it is!! Cheers man!!

  4. Well I think kodi is legal just the 3rd party add-ons are illegal case in point was watching sausage party with my GF the next day I woke up and found my internet had been temporarily shut down due to copyright infringement

  5. This is why i have you as my only source of news about Kodi.
    The amount of click bait videos sent out about Kodi shutting down was ridiculous, some of those guys have sold their soul to £££ paid from their channels.
    Good work Dimi

  6. Once again interesting and very informative. Thank you for all you time and effort to keep people like me up to date. I'm still a fire stick user, Jarvis 16.1 as well so I know I'm behind the time but ….. I like to know what I"m getting into before I jump.



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