Israeli Hot & Yes + 4000 Channels at IPTV

Smart IPTV App:
SmartIPTV Instructions:


IPTV by itself works on all platforms, can easily replace any old cable tv box
Works on Windows pc’s/mac/linux/android/iphones/ipad and basically anything that can play a video online
Simply choose your platform & provider and you’re all set.


This specific video shows how simple a setup can be using a Samsung smart tv
The provider as shown on the vid is, but once you google ”iptv provider” there are 100+ more options.
Sl-forum was chosen because they accept credit cards payment unlike the others that accept Bitcoin only


sl-forum gives you a 1 week free trial to try it out, So here’s a quick tutorial for PC:
1. Register at
2. for the trial even a fake email works just fine – open one at
3. visit the URL they sent to your mail to complete registration
4. go to
5. open “Create Trial” tab and choose “Windows” os your device and click on Create Trial button
6. if all goes well you’ll get a code like TRIAL9811875808125 just copy it
7. download the PC App here:
8. Unzip. Install, once open paste the code and your trial is now activated
9. Graphics and UI is simple and goes by itself to full-screen, full-screen can be closed by moving the mouse upwards
10. When trial ends you can either register a new trial or buy a subscription here:
11. Once you bought any plan you should send the order number to the provider as private message here:
12. It takes a few hours but he reply with an activated code that can be used on the Windows app

That’s it! Thank you for watching, sorry about my terrible editing skills.
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