Pros N Cons explore differences between legitimate iptv services vs other iptv like stalker, machtv plus, etc.

IPTV como funciona – é ou não é legal?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k93tUOIIjXM O IPTV eu aposto que você já escutou falar dessa sigla O que é...

The Best IPTV service In 2022 [ Premium Service] It also works with firestick

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmWuns_fXD0 Hello guys Today, I'm going to share with you the best IPTV service I...

How To Install IPTV Smarter Pro

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbCLDKpJAA8 For check out more details Back to your device, interface Click, the setting button,...

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  1. dexter pro is definitely well worth the money. I've been using it since it became a pay service. I've had more than my use out of it. sports movies and general entertainment. and at £5 per month definitely worth it.

  2. IPTV is way cheaper then sky TV but one down side for me no Sky NZ channels are available on iptv that I am aware of they both got there pros and cons

    thabks for the awsome video

  3. i would not mine paying for iptv service my only fear is that you pay for it monthly whatever it is and you get attach to it ….and then BOOM!!!!…they disappear and the service is gone…thats why i stck with cable

  4. I use tv player on my fire tv and cost £4.99 and you get Discovery Channel history channel kids channels free music channels and it don't cost very much at all and it's legal if I was to use the channels on my TV service provider would cost me over £60 on TVs player is a geat price

  5. Great points thanks. I personally have Dexter iptv Pro for 5 months now. Some hiccups with channels but they keep strong stable sports an cable channels for Us and UK channels for 5 pounds

  6. I have IP TV stalker and I love it. The only thing I need to get is a mag 250 or the Nvidia shield, not sure which one to get. Since I want to see it on my TV instead of the pc.

  7. Hey pros and cons great video.. always bringing the truth.. look I don't pay for iptv or cable or whatever.. but I also don't criticize because if you want cheap tv you can't demand from it as same as cable, dish or whatever.. I have a Build "CLEAN" it gives me everything I need for tv, movies, series, etc. I also have some addons on a different platform which I use for better entertainment. So guys don't bother YouTubers with complaints about the channels or service.. cause even if you pay for them.. let's be realistic $5.00, $10.00, $15.00 a month or even $80.00 a year… you'll never pay that for cable or dish.. so cheap brings that.. it's not a reliable 100%.. I stick with free tv till its gets off and can't get it no more.. but as it seems.. it will be here for a long time and if someday it goes out and don't come back I just turn back to torrenting.. so no harm done.. cheers guys!! and Touchtone keep CLEAN alive I'm almost about to buy a PC and can watch Kodi on it.. wich is great!! Thanks for giving that gift to us.. keep up the good work.. Really like this pros & cons segments. PEACE!!!

  8. LOL!!! Soloman it's about to explode laughing cause Touchtone it's about to hit the roof because of stupid complainers.. ha ha ha ha!!! look guys you're the best at this.. some prick it's always gonna bother with something.. but at the end of the day you bring us what's best out there and I thank you very much for it.. so keep up the good work and Touchtone relax.. we don't want you to get a heart attack because of these bozos.. PEACE guys.. great work always!!

  9. how can you say sling has nothing? they have 33 channels for 19.99 fox 5, nveva york 41, unimas, fs1 and fs 2 , yes network, amc, fxx, fx, tnt, tbs, trutv, conedy central, cartoon network, nick jr, cnn, newsy, bloomberg, lifetime, galavision, bet, a&e, history, vice, elray, polaris, maker, hgtv, foodnetwork, travel, nat.geo, nat geo wild, and ny abc 7 plus all channels are in HD……. plus having kodi thats all i need i dont know about anybody else

  10. great video thanks. Thats what I try to tell people. If you want "Best Reliable Service" pay for the big firm service onwards to $1000 a year for cable or dish but if you want something good but not perfect and priced on this condition than Iptv services is the way to go. Just be sure you know the "pros&cons" no pun intended…

  11. hey my friend you are the you would say their is a new iptv.and this is one is good. you full of shit.and now you are saying their is pros and cons. why you did not say to people iptv paid serices is shit.now you say free iptv is good.get the fucking thing right.

  12. then just get ps vue and or sling tv on your roku, amazon fire stick, or whatever device. Ps Vue is made by Sony (not some fishy iptv website) so you dont have to worry about scams or it radomly going down. It has 100+ channels nd it has a dvr.

  13. then just get ps vue and or sling tv on your roku, amazon fire stick, or whatever device. Ps Vue is made by Sony (not some fishy iptv website) so you dont have to worry about scams or it radomly going down. It has 100+ channels nd it has a dvr.

  14. Hey guys just wanna commend you on doing a great job in bringing the content to us users via video that is understandable. I am from the Caribbean and Kodi in just in its infant stage in my country (Trinidad and Tobago) and you guys are helping me out a lot. I am just starting with retailing the TV Boxes and Kodi supported devices, Cons I wanted to get your channel bro, a tip for users to get to your channel easier is by putting the link in the description for both channels. Great Job

  15. Dish Network is NOT STABLE they lose a lot more channels than IPTV cause they do not keep up with their Contracts they screw the customer BIG TIME so BEWARE OF DISH NET and their 2 YEAR CONTRACTS LOL

  16. can you guys rate the iptv providers so we can have a idea to choose from ?

    example : most HD CHANNELS
    longest without going down
    most adult channels
    best sports channels in hd ?
    most local channels avail ?
    provider with the best support
    provider with easiest installation?
    provider best for mad 254 ,kodi etc.
    provider with the most on demand movies in hd ?

    guys there is massive competition out there we consider you guys the experts !

    now that said , HELP US DECIDE Witch ones ARE THE BEST FOR OUR BUCK ?

  17. Just wanted to let you guys know I love your channel! Love your reviews and all the knowledge you share with the community. I follow you guys and a few others for all my kodi information. Thank you!!

  18. Thought there would be a good comparison on this video with top leading IPTV like Vue or Sling, but all I see in this channel is talks about the underground TV. No thanks, I do ALL things legally.


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