Limitless IPTV Review

In this video I review the subscription IPTV service from Limitless TV. Limitless has more channels and languages than I have seen from any other service yet. The performance is generally good and the service is as reliable as I have yet experienced from an all around IPTV provider.

If you want to find out more about subscribing to Limitless IPTV or would like to subscribe please join the Supreme Builds Facebook Group at and search within the group for Limitless. Do not post on the page about IPTV, PM people directly and to get a good deal on service.

The limitless IPTV addon can be found by adding in the Kodi source or by going to the supreme builds repo site which is and then clicking inside of the kodi-addons folder.


Supreme Builds Repo Addresses: PRIMARY = ——- SECONDARY =

Supreme Builds Facebook Group:

Real-Debrid setup and review video:

If you want to sign up for Real-Debrid:

If you want to sign up for an All Debrid account:


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  1. How do I send you a message on FB I'm already in the group but I don't see a message icon because I'm interested n this I have Dtv now streaming but I don't have all those channels either

  2. KS What's up man? During your last show I indicated SportsAccess isn't working for me. It errors out when I attempt to subscribe. I think Spectrum may be up to something cause it's happening to a few other people I know. So I'm trying to get Limitless going. I subscribed to your FB page a couple days ago "Cee Lister", but I haven't been accepted. I need your help Cool Dude…

  3. I've got limitless on my titanium, but when you're going to live tv I don't have that option, all I have is free live TV and paid live tv so I don't have the option to go to TV guide or TV channels. Did I not set it up right or? Please excuse the fact that I'm a newb

  4. I got limitless after watching your review and I have to say so far it has been crap ,I mean the free streams on ivue are better and they really suck ,I have sent them messages about bad channels ,no guide ,constant buffering ,nothing working at all . And I only got one response saying clear my cache…not very helpful . Does limitless actually work for anybody or did I just pick a bad month to try it out ?

  5. Hi I have joined the band group, and tried everywhere to sign up to Limitless. Nobody has been in touch, could you please tell me how I can sign up to Limitless Thanks a lot Jan

  6. I set up limitless on my titnaium build and the live tv shows keep kicking me out after 1-7 seconds? sometimes i re clik on that same live tv channel and then it will work, but a ton of live tv channels keep doing this? any ideas? not impressed thus far with this issue.


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