Mag 250 Micro Hd Iptv Set Top Box

Description of Mag 250 Iptv Set Top Box Contents: Power Adapter: Output 5v ~ 2a Remote Control & Batteries User Manual Mini Jack Cable to Rca (a/v) Compatible with Live Streamed Media Player Supports Usb Drives & Network Streams Supported Video Formats Mkv, Mpeg-ts, Mpeg-ps, M2ts, Vob, Avi, Mov, Mp4, Asf, Qt, Wmv etc Built in Internet Browser Middleware Supported: Stalker, Oft-media, Netup, Smartlabs, Netris, Beeniu Resolution: Up to 1080p Cpu: Sti7105 Ram: 256mb Flash Memory: Operating Linux 2.6.23 Case: Plastic Colour: Black Dimensions: 127 x 87 x 30mm Front of Indicator Led 2.0 Rear of Hdmi Socket Ethernet (100mbps) Input 3.5mm Spdif Optical Uses of as that can be connected to your Tv The provides access to web services such a Youtube, Picasa, Online & Weather Forecast the from living room using the built-in over local The the storage devices Advantages of A lot of people are no longer consuming Tv through traditional and this is where the comes in to it’s own wired setups wireless with the addition of a dongle The simple interface and good performance give a great experience The a wide range of Disadvantages of There is no scart connection on the box.
is and only could the to a with an to adaptor but obviously would lose high definition quality The is a pure based on the It is not an Android Tv and does like one (app store etc)

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