I will show you how to update your Mag system to be able to load if you are having issues with loading into your itv service after Feb 1st.


  1. Hi, I am having a really bad time with this Mag254. It will not update, it is always giving me signature errors. In the server box there is no portal options . Can you please help?

  2. the biggest damn problem it nobody knows what exact information they send you. you don't know which fucking thing is the actual login and password. all the stupid ass email says is use the route number for login and password. wtf. some people don't get the email from someone that knows any damn English.

  3. I just found out about this system for watching IPTV, a Kodi customer brought theirs in the store to be fixed. But since they instituted the Username and Password for security, there is nothing I can do to help them. I was hoping to find a way to set this up in Kodi as an Addon, but I will just stick with Kodi for now!


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