MAG 322 Easy Step by Step configuration Infomir

All right so today I’m, going to be showing you the mag 322 box. So this is it. We’re, going to be doing a setup for it. These are the contents of the box. We have the device itself, HDMI cable, important things to have no control.

We got this guy right here, power plug with a little manual so for a mag device it uses. These are the connections, so you’re gonna plug the USB here. If you have Ethernet cable, the ethernet cable is gonna go here.

This is for the HDMI. This is audio/video. This one is for digital output, audio output, the optimal cable – and this is where you’re gonna play the power. So obviously it looks like loading up for the first time it’s.

Probably gonna look like this, because that’s update so for speed reasons. We’re just gonna fast forward. It and first thing you want to do: is you go to your settings from settings? You’re gonna go to system settings and if you haven’t set up your internet.

This is a good time to do so. I’m using wired, so it’s already connected when you go to auto you, don ‘ T really have to do anything. If you’re going to use wireless, your Wi-Fi, then you have to click on auto and once you click on that it’s.

Gon na. Take you to a list of all the different Wi-Fi. Is you’re gonna connect on years? Of course, on the remote you’re gonna press, the keyboard button and you’re gonna enter your password all right.

So after that, once we’re done entering our Wi-Fi, we’re gonna have to go to servers. Okay, the mag device requires a subscription, so I have a subscription that I’m using for gold TV. So you’re gonna put in the name of the service you’re using.

I’m gonna put gold TV doesn’t matter. How you spell it! If it’s capitals or not as long as you know, what the service is, because you have to select it right, so I’m. Just gonna put gold TV once I’m done press ENTER now.

We’re, going to put the portal URL portal 1 URL. This is important. You got ta make sure you enter the correct one. If you don’t enter the correct one, nothing will load up and you got ta make sure your MAC address is registered, so give it to a reseller again.

If you don’t have one, you know it could email IP TV for me at protonmail Tom, that honest Fred sent you and interested in a list of IP TV services. So you could do that alright. So this is the portal URL for gold.

I’m gonna enter it here and make sure it’s. Correct again, you’re, going to get this from the service provider. He’s. Gon na give you a portal URL. Once you’ve, given him, the MAC address all right. Okay, so once that’s done, we’re going to exit.

Oh yeah, you can put two servers just in case. You want to know ok. So now we’re going to restart portal and, if all is done correctly, we should get a low screen and it’s, loading beautiful. So this points to our service has been registered.

Our MAC address under the box and number zero zero one 879 has been registered with the service provider, and now we could watch our service now. If it’s not registered and you try to load it, you just enter a portal URL.

Well, you’re gonna get this authentification. That means your MAC address is not registered. No password or anything is gonna fix it. You need to get it registered if it’s registered. You won ‘ T see that so that’s, what it means all right, so that’s, pretty much it.

We’re gonna blow it up gold and that’s, pretty much one more. Can I say if you have any questions well, join me on patreon that’s, where I ask answer questions and give guides and how-to and setup and all that stuff, and if you want to see the full list of gold, just click on that Little picture there and don’t forget to subscribe.


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