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MAG254 12 Month IPTV loaded only £220. 3PM kick off, world channels, Live games, Video on demand, Best service around.

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  1. @TVbox UK
    where can i buy this box from and is it reliable. Sky has blocked channels on most boxes like openbox and amiko box.
    my internet speed is between 8mb to 12mb. is that okay?

  2. Do you strictly have to connect these boxes via an ethernet cable or can you connect wirelessly? If so, does this severely affect the quality of the streams? I have 100mb internet but the box is in a different room to the one that I want to get this! Thanks.

  3. My friend you sound like your from my neck of the woods .you know the worker bee is tattooed on my arm and so on..I'm paying virmin as of next month about a ton a month and it time for TiVo to go bye bye..we got one up and one downstairs..had a Kodi box but was not that impressed.but these seem pretty darn good.
    If you could help me with some further information about them mate I'd appreciate it..cheers.


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