Will legit iptv services survive? Could underground live tv streaming be responsible for their demise? Let’s explore the topic.

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  1. dude nitro and set are full of shit they depend from all the mayor cable and satellite services because what they do is they pretty much are capturing the video from spectrum, dish, sling,play stationvue and direct tv they are what companies call pirates of cable

  2. The buffing is mainly because of infrastructure of the, you can only push so much data (water) through a pipe (wire). A great server hooked to a bad wire isn't going to fix your buffering. I think the big com co will have learn how to compete or not offer that service.

  3. Hey guys, another reason that you get buffering is not because of your internet speeds, but because the IPTV signal has to get to you in the first place. The problem with all of these OTT (Over The Top) IPTV solutions (like Sling, DirecTV Now, VUE, and all the illegal ones) is that they may hop across 10 networks before they get to you. That creates latency…which is going to create buffering. It doesn't matter if you have a GIG available at your house…it's the fact that it's delivered OTT.
    Also, because services like Sling, DirecTV Now, VUE, YouTube, etc are delivered over the top, they are severely restricted as to what content they can broadcast. Content providers don't allow certain content to go 'over the top' of the public internet. Period.
    As much as the "cord cutters" don't want to hear it….it's likely that the big TV services like Xfinity, Dish Network, Direct TV, Charter, Cox, Cable One, etc. are here to stay…at least until the Baby Boomer generation dies off and demand for "real" IPTV solutions come front and center.

  4. I have Xfinity Internet only suppose to be the highest speed for 75.00 + a month ( just starting to cut the cord} Sling buffers all the time What can be done? I've been watching you both since I started and I'am confused with all these different IPtv programs available it seems they offer almost the same lineups what do you look for? Would you think about a program for people who are brand new to all this stuff……..I love the way you guys explain your material you review you would be wonderful for you to teach more……….

  5. dont forget real iptv 4k channels HD+ and i have from my country moviestreamer nl i have over 3k channels over the works on my nvidia shield tv pro with stb emulator no lag nothing i pay 195 euro a year i like that price it runs smooth and all channels in SD HD+ HD 4k

  6. I have had great success with a mag box and unofficial iptv services that charge $40 for three months. 5000 channels from around the world with no buffering. Great menu and customer service. The guy in the red is correct don’t go too cheap. Put iptv subscribe in google and pick someone of the first page. Direct tv must have problems with their servers if they buffer. That’s something different. Just subscribed to these two guys.

  7. Provider's 'Buffering' or ISP's 'Throttling' .. ?? Just imagine when Net Neutrality goes bye-bye! My ideal situation is ala carte and going to directly to the TV Providers in one interfaced App!

    I don't want 500 or a 1,000 channels of crap for the handful I actually like and want…

  8. The feds will take care of these groups stealing and selling the streams one day…All these groups are getting to brave selling their services and they will get it sooner or later when they face fines and jail time that will ruin their lives..

  9. I have both Set Tv & Gears Tv & for me Gears Tv is stable no lost channels no video outputs like Set Tv! Set Tv always tell to add Codec which I have & internet speed of 100mpb love my Gears & has my Channels like Destination America & TLC & Travel Channel they work great! Set Tv is no video output on Destination America right now!!


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