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  1. there is not much info about this iptv, i send a email asking how you set this on a avov box and there was no response. you go to there website and there is no info on how to set this up

  2. I just watched you guys video about this Monster IPTV and I went to the website and purchased it for 14 dollars for one month,and I received was a confirmation number,and a thank you.How do i even get started with this,it just seems kind of sketchy to me that there is not much on the page.Can you guys tell me how can i get started,or is this some kind of scam?

  3. touchtone or so Loman plz help me I really want a reliable iptv service plz the monster iptv? website is very simple no customer service. How do I install the service or pay for the service what app do I use please help need a service quick love your guys work n dedication

  4. Can someone please tell me if this is legit,these guys are swearing by it,but there is no kind of info on anything at all.Someone let me know how to get started with this if you know please.

  5. i did get a sub for monster media and it sucked. not the worse service, but wouldnt get it again. the support would just tell u they are updating the service.


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