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  1. Joe has shown once again he is not anybody's Nobody he is the main Nobody when it comes to Android! Way to go Joe! Looks like form where i sit thousands of miles away Down under that Android is doing the Stomp all over Kodi big time and Joe is leading the pack!! Way to go Joe and thanks for the video. Keep it rolling my man Bada Bing.

  2. I have been using this app since January. I love it. It has ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX out of Seattle WA. They come under a different name. Also it has hard to get Canadian West Coast Channels. This is good one Joe. Nice…

  3. been using this for a year, never had an issue, great app, if it's buffering that's on your end, most likely your internet or device. Works super smooth on my nvidia shield, g-box q and amazon fire tv box

  4. Hey Joe I think that your the best out there doing what you do, but I would like to ask a small favor for myself and others. Can you make a video on how to install live stream player for fire stick from start to finish

  5. I understand they are having an issue with registration emails.. However that was days ago and I've seen no update. Has anybody else had success getting this set up in he last several day She?


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