finally got my X1 platform issues fixed


  1. Comcast is garbage. They capped the internet here as a "pilot". It's the only service Ive been able to find here for high speed internet. Ive gone over the 300gb cap every month and there is no way to remove it. Just $10 every additional 50gb to milk me.

  2. Huh I have had Commiecast /Communist -cast for years never had anything like this I have to say I rock the speed pretty hard, but their customer service sux and bills are the price of a new car payment per month.

  3. As a Comcast tech this is what I want you to know:
    1) X1 boxes are like modem they need perfect signal to work
    2) you can set up your boxes in a way where they are automatically switch to HD.
    3) if you have an old house with RG59 cable don't even bother using x1 if you're not willing to pay the price to change them to RG6.
    4) lazy technician who decided to do " hook and book won't give you all the details on how to get the best out of the boxes.

  4. thanks for this video. I just got back from the Comcast office. After asking for a booster, I just got home with the AC adapter only. I am so po'd. Another trip. I know how to install many things and I don't need to pay a techie to come to my home. But I do need the right equipment…..arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg!

  5. We usually called it signal booster or drop amplifier. If you might happen to experience rdk or xre code that aint resolved with the signal being sent or power cycling the mainbox try to unplug that power of the signal booster or drop amp for at least 20 secs and then plug it back in.

  6. I could not get mine to work. I have an existing MoCA network and Comcast's X1 boxes don't share connection. So what's more important? 4K Netflix or Comcast's X1 box. I chose 4K Netflix.


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