Netflix App Now Available on Comcast Xfinity X1. Here is How to Find It!

Xfinity X1 now has the Netflix App built in to their software. No more needing a Smart TV or a secondary device to access Netflix! In this video I show you where to find the app, and how to access it.

Also, if you are planning on signing up for X1 service, use my Comcast refer a friend link below and we both may be eligible for a visa gift card. Make sure to read Comcast’s terms, only certain TV, internet, or voice packages are eligible.

The checkout code is 1RK9J6 and here is the referral link:


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  1. Someone plz help I have a 4k TV . and I have Netflix on my x1 box . now I set my account on Netflix to ultra HD . but I can't seem to find any 4k content. Is it because the x1 box don't support 4k ??idk


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