New and Updated Add-Ons for K0DI – December 2020

In this video for december, we’re, going to look at a couple of new ones and a whole bunch of add-ons that have been updated before we get to that. Let’s, not forget. Ipvanish, it ‘ S got a great big sale on it’s been on for a bit here, click the link in the description below to take you to that sale.

So you can save on surfing the internet in the anonymity and don’t forget to subscribe to my channels, okay, so our first one is thor. This one’s, good for movies and tv shows it is a new one, and so you can check out the thor add-on.

Revolution is also a new one as well, and this one’s from the deja vu repo, so check out revolution wasteland now this one. Actually it doesn’t stream. It uses torrents there’s. Some downloading that comes along with this one.

So if you’re going to use wasteland, you might want to invest in a vpn that’s. The ipvanish thing from earlier, and if you’ve got that going on. You can check out wasteland so now for a bunch of new ones.

Uh, sorry, a bunch of updated ones. Sports hd is once again updated. It was updated last week it’s got another update, so you can go ahead and check out some sports in terms of works. Working links it’s, really just kind of hit and miss got ta know when the game’s on you want to watch, you got to go to to the add-on and you need to try a bunch of links until you find The one that works tempest another one that’s been updated many times lately has once again been updated, so check this one out for movies and tv shows black lightning.

This was just a new one, but it ‘ S already received an update. You’ll need the real debride service that’s. What rd stands for, so you’re, paying for the premium links that is black, lightning and the same thing with chains.

Sinister, this one’s, been updated and also it’s, a real debride one and lastly, we’ve got elementum and uh sorry about the long repo address. But this one’s been updated and it’s good for movies and tv shows so check out elementum.

This video was recorded with the cloner alliance box. Pro click, the link in the description below rhyming completely intended and viper antivirus software. For for your computer, there’s, a link in the description below to save big time.

Hopefully, you’ve, updated 18.9 cody by now. If not, what are you waiting for enjoy the rest of your whatever you’re? Doing

Source : Youtube

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