Direct TV now app full review. Available for android, fire tv stick, apple tv 4, ipad & iphones.

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  1. if anybody here is smart do not buy IPTV from anybody selling them unless they're real retail salesperson who in the world would pay for these fraudulent IPTV service providers who steal from the company and try to make to disappear the next day? If you guys reading this are smart you will go with sling TV or DirecTV with the plans they have can't believe these are real apps and real companies that actually provide content to have legal dealings with the companies that actually provide the content not some fly-by-night service for who wants to take you for all you got then next day his account gets banned from YouTube and he is nowhere to be found and your money is gone and you're sitting at home feeling upset because you got scammed and your money is gone and now you can go to the credit card or complain about it because it was illegal so sav time and trouble buy from a real company not some fly-by-night scam artists like this app is and other apps

  2. O'Neil, need help. When i try to enable tv i get an error "no PVR and-owns could be found" it proceeds to tell me that i need a tuner, backend software and an add-on for the backend to use for the PVR. Any ideas? Thanks

  3. Hello, have downloaded the DirecTVNow app from the Play Store to a Yundoo Y6 TV Box and when I attempt to open the app, it starts to play and then gives the error message 40. One of the items this error message notes is that this app does not support rooted devices.  Is this something you have run into and is there anything I can do to be able to run this app?
    Thank you in advance for your help. And I'm new to Android TV Boxes so if I need to purchase a new TV Box, how do I know if a box is rooted or unrooted before purchasing? Again, thanks so much.

  4. @Solo Man
    thx for that Review

    I would like to ask you if there is an official Channel List?
    And do you have any feedback from European People? (if the bandwidth / distance could be an issue?)

  5. I don't know if anyone can help me. I just got Kodi and I bought Directv Now that streams. I need to download it from Amazon but it won't allow me because it doesn't have my purchasing information because the firestick is already signed in on Amazon. If I delete the person I don't know if it will delete everything. I don't know what to do.

  6. Totally stupid that they do not and basically refuse to support android devices and the Nvidia Shield. Guess their management shouldn't be surprised when we all take our business elsewhere.

  7. Their on demand collection is absolutely crap. How are you broadcasting a channel like FOX for example and only have 1 season of Family Guy or 6 seasons of Bob's burgers with only 2 episodes of each season?


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