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How to configure IPTVsubs NEW 3.0 addon with PVR Simple Client on Kodi STEP by STEP.

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  1. So I did all the steps and saw quickly on the drop down notification something about an account expired. My IPTV Subs subscription doesn't expire until May 2017. My guide just comes up blank. Any advice on how to troubleshoot? Thanks!

  2. I'm using kodi 16.1 Jarvis. I previously had iptvsubs 2.7 and was using pvr simple client and iptvsubs ninja updater. I had a working TV guide. Deleted iptvsubs 2.7 and installed 3.0. I can't get the TV tab option to appear. I was able to do it once but iptv won't play when you hit the TV tab and select channels. Channels are work on the iptvsubs icon app. Need help please. I tried to delete and install the iptvsubs ninja updater to no luck.

  3. Using Kodi Jarvis 16.1 on Android Nvidia TV shield tv box. Followed these instructions to the T but have not had any luck getting channels to load. Anyone else having this problem? Tried clearing all data, re-installing Kodi with same results.

  4. Interestingly enough, I tried this process in Kodi Krypton on my Android Nvidia tv shield box and it works with the the video instructions MKUltra provided. Just doesn't work in Kodi Jarvis. I wonder what the difference is.

  5. hi, thank a lot for putting this together. guide is very easy to follow. i am having a slight issue with lots of channel epg information missiing. please any advice how i might fix the issue. thank you

  6. I can't seem to get the timing right for the EPG no matter if I set to minus or plus. On the EPG, the program was on for 3 am but my local time was 11 am. Even if I say set it to minus 8 or plus 7, it won't change at all. Am I missing anything?

  7. any help i had it working find but now it only load 88 channel the english in group i have mark more category but still says 88 channel any help am on kodi i have the lates 3.0 iptvsub and jarvis 16.1

  8. Great video, however not all channels loaded, justo about 91. Any idea why would that be? Am I missing a step or that's the right number of channels? BTW, it works with Krypton!

  9. I just tried this with my Kodi 17.1 and it works well. Except I only get 91 channels in the guide and almost all of them have no information available. How do I correct this?

  10. I'm paying subscription but just I get 86 channels on pvr why doesn't load the rest of the channels are 500 channels in my subscription and just I getting 86 on pvr but in iptvsubs addon I get all of them . thanks​

  11. Nice tutorial, most of it works, indeed you need to edit the m3u list to get the full list of channels 392, and a bunch of them have no info in them, also I had to edit the settings.xml to disable hls otherwise I get a ton of buffering plus on the m3u list I replaced all the m3u8 (hls) references for .ts. most channles that say they are HD are only 1024×576 son not even 720p

  12. Hi, just wanna say thanks for the video, this worked for me for the past 6 months, but lately it has stopped, just wondering if it's. it being updated or is there something I need to do, thanks again for all the work bro. ????

  13. thanks for the vid, MK. i had it working with jarvis, but now i am running 17.3 and iptvsubs works fine but…

    1) my TV > Channels (>All Channels) shows and allows me to switch channels but displays no info, besides channel info; and

    2) my TV > Guide ( >Timeline > All Channels) shows the channels and allows me to switch channels but displays no info, besides channel info

    can you make a vid, or provide 1:1 service?


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