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  1. If Nitro doesn't fix their problems soon, i'm definitely looking into another provider. Their service is getting worse these past few months. Plus their price is kinda steep and sales tax for their online subscriptions is pretty ridiculous once you think about.

  2. Nitro has a no refund policy. I have 3 service tickets in and so far I have not seen as much as a blip. Updating my MAC id in the account each time I try another device such as Android 7 TV box, Smart IPTV app on my Samsung TV, Side load Roku 3,. I cant even get Firefox to play their crappy service. I have a pretty robust network and have gotten Set TV to work, grant it buffers at times but at least with Set TV I get something in return & they stleast offer refunds. So tell me again why everyone should try Nitro. Do not buy into Nitro like I did , you will be disappointed.

  3. Hey Solo, I've had Nitro for the past 3 months as suggested by yourself. I want to run it through an STBemulator that they also offer. I'm having problems getting to the guys to add my MAC address. Any suggestions at all.
    Cheers mate. Keep up the great work ??

  4. Hey I just added Nitro to my Roku that you introduced to it but I am not successful to pretty much logging my info to it . I have already paid the subscription for a month I'm able to use it on my phone but I'm not able to get it in through the Roku can you please help me out

  5. Solo
    After watching your review for Nitro TV I figured I would give it a shot and leave a review. Before I go into my review I'll tell you that I have been using Radiosity for about 8 months and I like it. I'm interested in Nitro because I can watch it on more than one TV. Since I was giving Nitro a chance I decided to give IPTV Plus a shot too. This is what I found. First, I love Radiosity. It's very dependable but it needs more channels and I can only watch on one TV.
    Nitro has the best set up of them all. You can go through all of the channels and add the ones you like to your favorites so that you don't have to go through all of the channels each time you watch. Nitro also has 24hr content. For example 24hr Game of Thrones, 24hr friends, and 24hr 60 days in jail. These channels show nothing but that show all day. Nitro by far has the best channel lineup. I live in Dallas and they have every major city's Fox Sports channel and local Fox, CBS, and ABC. That's pretty awesome for fans of MLB, NBA, NHL and local news.
    IPTV Plus has a lot more channels than Radiosity but not as many as Nitro. It also doesn't have all of the local Fox Sports channels. This means I have to look through the MLB and NBA channels to find my local team and I sometimes have to watch the other teams broadcast. IPTV plus also has no way of saving favorites, but the channels do have numbers so I was able make my self a list of the channels and keep it with my remote. I can also use one subscription to watch IPTV Plus on 3 TV's at the same time.
    I think Nitro has everything it takes to be the best, but the stream just isn't stable enough for me. The channels freeze every 30 seconds when I try to watch. Nitro is also the most expensive but I think it would be worth the extra cost if the channels didn't freeze. IPTV Plus and Radiosity run flawlessly about 95% of the time. I always start trying to watch Nitro and then when it starts freezing I end up going over to IPTV Plus and it works perfectly so I know it's not my WIFI. I've got until the end of the month and then I'll have to choose one. If you know the guys at Nitro tell them to fix the freezing problem because I really want to go with them but if it's not dependable I'll have to go with IPTV Plus which is not a bad setup just not quite as good as Nitro.


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