PAID IPTV SERVICES SUCK!!! | JoeNobody010101

PAID IPTV SERVICES SUCK!!! | JoeNobody010101

Let me know what you guys think about it ~

#PureSarcism ~

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  1. These guys were obviously understaffed & OVERWHELMED by the response to this service. My guess is it won't be that much longer till their servers are overwhelmed and bogged down by new customers trying to watch the service. It looks like a great service but just hope they have the ways and means to expand server space and time to give good customer service. 🙂

  2. so im am confused joe. i tuned a while back and you were advertising you box and with it a channel service with amazing capabilities offering it for free with purchase for a trial period and then having to pay after. was that different than the iptv that you are talking about? maybe i totally misunderstood the message. were you hinting sarcastically to get the iptv?

  3. lmao….good one,…thats the cable companies for ya….including satellite…I choose to be the scum bag….lol..
    funny part is they dont pay shit for air space…but charge an arm n leg…smh


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