In this tutorial you can find Perfect Player initial setup and basic usage.
The video shows how to add IPTV playlist, assign missed logos, add EPG source, assign missed EPG data, setting video options, working with favorites, switching view modes, etc.
Note: Playlist URL in this video does not exists. You need to add your own playlist URL. Ask your IPTV broadcast provider.

Perfect Remote:


  1. Avoid Perfect Player!
    Completely fed up of trying to set this rubbish up, wasted an hour trying various iptv urls and files still nothing working, just get solid streamz or mobdro instead of this headache of a program, complete and utter rubbish

  2. Добрый день , как называется программа вирт. джойстик с кнопками вверх, вниз, ок, которая у вас выскакивает справа на экране ?

  3. This is a really good player, I have installed it on Amazon Fire Stick and testing through now. What would make it "perfect" would be the ability to "Schedule Channel Viewing" and "Channel Recording" functions. Niklabs, are you going to implement these in the very near future?

  4. Perfect Player is an amazing IPTV Player and has a really good user interface, it is very easy to setup and for me it works great for m3u lists I bought…. One question though: Can you REORDER CHANNELS in Perfect Player App? (on Fire Stick or Android) If so, how?……… If not possible directly in app, would you have a tutorial on how to do it on PC and then transfer onto the app, like on Amazon Fire Stick or Android box etc…

  5. Подскажите что можно сделать звук ужасный при просмотре при выборе системного и программного декодера. если выбираю аппаратный или hw+ звук хороший но намертво зависает приложение вместе с телевизором… А так очень классное приложение !!! Подскажите ещё какие преимущества у pro версии ? Я бы с радостью бы купил ваше приложение если будет решена проблема со звуком)

  6. Update after few days of testing the app and comparing to other apps:
    still think Perfect Player is a really good app and could potentially be great.
    Suggested room for improvement could potentially be increasing the "cache size" and/or play buffer size or combination of the two. For example: when I used parallel comparison with the Simple IPTV player in kodi, running the same m3u list and watching the same channel, kodi player performed better, but the play buffer size is larger there and there are options to adjust or increase cache size etc…. Developer, please do look into those options that would further improve your product.
    All the best

  7. hi thanks for vid, really helpful…however I'm experiencing some looping issues, do you think this is network related? I doubt it, as I'm 200mbs speed fixed connection. Cheers

  8. My issue with Perfect Player is that in order to go to a channels one has to scroll throughout thousands of channels,is there any way i can add a list of favorites channels?

  9. Hi! I have a paid iptv service and it work just fine on your perfect player:) But i wonder how do i get channels logos (sky, nbc etc) on each channel? Do you have a link for a pack to download, or do i need the paid version? Please explain 🙂 I have it on my MX MAX andriod tv box

  10. Thank you Sergey Nikiton i was able to do it and i 'm on the Favorite list menu ,and i seem not get able to get to the original all channels to get more favorites,i'm stuck at the favorite list channels,tell me please how to go back to the all channels.thanks


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