Players Klub IPTV (Android APK) Review & How to Install | FREE Username & Password Included!

Players Klub’s Android APK is now out guys and it’s going to change the way you watch IPTV on all Android devices. Its a new up-and-coming IPTV service that brings quality IPTV channels to the KODI community with tons of support at the cheapest price of BETA: $5.00. It has USA TV, Spanish TV, Canadian TV, Sporting TV, PPV, VOD content, Adult Content (Pass code Locked) and much more on the way. Get the service now and keep it because if the price changes your $5.00 wont, only if you stop it and restart the service. Watch this video, as I tell you my thoughts on it. Please observe the installation guide below, as it may contain changes that the video above doesn’t show. -Caz-



Install Players Klub on KODI:



Developer’s Contacts:


” / ” (used as the word “THEN” e.g. SYSTEMS/FILE MANAGER = Systems then File Manager).
Installation Guide:

Method 1:

1) Go to

2) Select KODI, STB, APKs etc. (Free App Library)/

3)Select STB/

4) Select The Players Klub/ Click to Download APP


Download KODI at -OR-

Follow the developer to report any broken links!

It may be “Geo-Blocked” meaning it may not be available to you based on your location in the world. This problem can be fixed by using a VPN service:


✪ Website:
✪ 1st YouTube Channel (Caz Wallace):
✪ 2nd YouTube Channel (Simply Caz):
✪ Facebook PAGE:
✪ Instagram: Caz_Wallace
✪ Twitter: Caz_Wallace
✪ SnapChat: Caz_Wallace
✪ TwitchTV: GeneraSlim
✪ PSN: GeneraSlim (No L on Genera)

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  1. can u help me SimpleCaz..I ordered the premium package this month but for some reason my account seems to be compromised and each time I do click forgot password they tell me their gonna send me a validation email which I never receive. how can I open a ticket when they wont let me in an account I jus paid for?

  2. for all the problems and heat kodi is taking the past few days it's really Petty to charge 50 cents for a late fee. yes it's only 50 cents that's not my point just for charging any amount is not Kool with what's going on with kodi.

  3. I set up an account and saw that you can get either one, three, or six month package. I paid for the three month package. It never emailed me, and I can't get into the account I set up.

  4. Hi-I have been following instructions, but "simplycaz" is not working for me. My PK kodi app updated it doesnt say beta anymore. Is there a new free PW? Or is the freebie over..

  5. Very odd. I can login with the app. (No live TV) But when trying it on Kodi 17.2 I can not login. I even removed the add on in Kodi and reinstalled it. Still same results. Any help here please? OH! I also wanted to know how many devices can you login into with one account?

  6. HELP! HELP! HELP! I have tried every method known to man to log in/log on. I have forgotten my password, and have tried for over a week to get an email to reset it. I added the contact info to my email, and had a short discussion with Michael Delaney, who assured me he would get back with me to help me log in. Didn't happen, and while he accepted my message request, he turned off his messages so that I cannot contact him further. There is no place to comment or ask for assistance without – you guessed it – LOGGING IN! So I am caught in (Thanks, Joseph Heller!) a Catch-22. Can someone please help me with this situation. I am frustrated beyond words!!!

  7. I managed to install the apk on my android box, and I can log in but in the live section it is completely blank. any idea how to fix. contacted playersklub tech but they sent me the kodi instruction video. there are some files under the vod section


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