Review & how to install the best iptv service for 2017 on kodi, Vader Streams also known as No Buffering!

The Live TV for USA, UK and Canada, the excellent Tv guide, the very handy Match Center and the 0 buffering issues, make it in my opinion the best IPTV Service on KODI!

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  1. Hi Dimitrology, are you italian? I have an issue with Freedom Tv. When im in Italy in "world1" i can see All the italian programs, but When i cross the border there are no italian channels in there. I tried with vpn but it didnt help. Have this issue on pc and Smartphone. What can i do?
    Second question, is it Safe for privacy having Kodi with builds on Smartphone? Sins it install's varius zip files.thansk

  2. Hi Dimitrology,

    I have installed your shell Build v3, and Vader stream will not install. I can see the video addons for Vader on top Main Menu, but when I click on it nothing happen. If i reboot the tv kodi box , icon is gone and I need to install again from scratch.I setup my account with Vaders streams. please assist.

  3. question about general 'quality' of video on kodi…why do movies that are listed as 1080 still grainy on big screen tv's? I have 2 Samsung UHD 60" and 1 UHD 65", none seem to show in actual 1080p. My ISP gives me about 50Mbps on avg. tia.

  4. So I have just signed up and so far the service has been terrible ! I have had all my UK channels off for huge parts of the day and as I write this they are all down again ! Thank the lord that Stream hub and its FREE live tv channels are pretty stable.

    Now this could just be a bad day but Vader streams are one of the more expensive iptv services and they have one of the snallest channel lists they do however have some of the best channel quality that I have seen ! HOWEVER that is not much use if the channels are rarely available to view.

    I hope that this is just a bad day but when free services like stream hub are more stable than a platform asking for a fee then your business model may not be that great…

  5. I liked the video…..I am interested in getting a paid addon ..but mostly for sports and PPV events. I dont really need all the other stuff…unless there is no price difference then fine. Is there an a paid addon specifically on ppv events and sports like american football, basketbal, baseball etc ..but not so expensive . 🙂 thanks any help would be appreciated ….


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