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  1. It would be great if settv would send me my code ive been waiting for 3 weeks and emailed no reply service and communication are not great to say the least Ive also heard this settv has alot of buffering issue is this true?

  2. The problem is you still have to pay for internet and my local internet providers Fk you up the ass for just internet they want $70 a month plus taxes. So you add an iptv service and boom you are right back to $150 dollars a month to watch f'ing TV!!!

  3. dont use this service, you have a problem, and call them on it they ban you from face book. had a problem for 3 days email and email, said that they sucked on face book i got banned. and not 14 day 3 days.

  4. I was just cussed out by the owner of the co on the phone and i will not be renewing and i will do everything in my power to tell people NOT to sign up. I called to tell them my guide changed….i was told he created it and should know. He told me he would just "cut your shit off" i was shocked and very disappointed. He said i called him "on saturday" and told him stuff that wasn't right….it was just my experience…that's all…..i am so shocked….i can't tell you…oh well…no matter…there was life before set….there will be life after.

  5. I have this service and I freaking LOVE IT!!!!!! The only downside is if you live out here on the West coast your stuck with watching New York channels (which I don't mind since my local affiliates stink here in Vegas.) Best of all you get every sports package for free!!!!! Every movie for free Every PPV event for free. Plus they are working on adding a catch up feature and adding 100 more USA channels all for a mere $20 month.

  6. Joe , Your The Man ! Love Your Work ! Please Answer this : Living in the USA , Do you have any problems streaming with your internet provider / Data usage limits i.e.: letters / notices of violation? Expats coming back USA soon ! Thanks Buddy

  7. I guess if I want to try this I'll have to go ahead and sign up for a subsription. The website says it can take up to 48 hours to get a code for the 3 Day Trial. Really?!!!

  8. So the problem I having is when going to adult channels it ask for password work. Well I'm doing the trial so I would like to see if adult channels work before I buy. Any password help

  9. Hi joe…im a sub…got a question, the last couple of days the SET TV video on demand has been freezing up , have you had any issues or are aware of any problems. I tried to contact customer service and with no avail…their were 48 people ahead of me…can you advise. IBEFORE I DO ANYTHING…I wanted to know your thoughts or what you recommend. This ffreezing during video/movies is the only time it happens and I know buffering even though the system doesn't show you we know buffering issues, On tv…it seems ok,.,,,,,,,,,,,no freeze.

  10. Unfortunately as from 3 days ago set TV stopped broadcasting sky sports channels so now none of the sky sports are there no more and after contacting said TV I asked them whether this is permanent or temporarily and unfortunately it is permanent so if you're signing up for set TV and you want sky sports then you need to look elsewhere their website still says on it that sky sports is on there but it is not I am really unhappy with this as this was one of the main reasons I took set TV subscription so not impressed their reasoning was they can only broadcast what they are allowed so I am now questioning what else will disappear because surely most of the channels especially the pay-per-view channels are not legit so we'll be looking elsewhere for another IP TV service it's a shame really as I am quite impressed with it compared to others just thought I would give people the information so they can make a decision on what they need IP TV for hope this helps


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