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WOW! Thats all there really is to say about Set TV premium IPTV service. If you are looking for an IPTV service that has a ton of content and is simple enough for granny to use give Set TV a try. Packed with over 500 channels, all of the major sports packages, a banging EPG guide and a huge on demand library of movies and TV shows, Set TV IPTV will entertain the whole family for years to come.

Features Include:
SET TV® 500 + Channels
Includes HD
Thousands of On Demand entertainment options
Plug & Play Technology
Pay as you go! Month to month service
No long term commitments
No activation fees
No cancellation fees
No credit check
Professional Support
3 devices per household
$20.00 per month
US Channels
UK Channels
Sports Packages

You can install Set TV on:
Android TV Box
Android Phone
Android Tablet
Fire TV
Fire Stick
Web Browser (PC, Mac)

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I love tech, movies, TV, & sports. About two years ago, I decided to cut the cord and dive head first into streaming. I have not looked back since. Because I enjoy it so much, I decided to start this Youtube channel as well as so that I can share what I learn with you as I learn it. If you enjoy my videos, be sure to like and subscribe and happy streaming!

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  1. I like set tv but they have some issues that I don't like number one is some of the movie channels show the same stuff for example there are four starz on 3 of them they show the same an I've written to them an. Nothing and a lot of channels are. Not hd they sd an some channels look stretched out I was with them for two months so decided to move on

  2. setv is just become a joke now most of there channels arent working & haven't been for weeks now & they keep saying it will be fixed soon but that aint good enough if your paying good money for the services it should be up & running smoothly by now joke

  3. OK guys here we go.. I have tried nitro tv Wowtv gear TV set TV but there's nothing compare with SkyboxFAQ Entertainment Community hands down you get a solid 720, 1080P's high definition channels have more over 4000 channels.. you could contact him on Facebook he will give you a 48 He will try free

  4. Set tv has the worst customer service as well never received my free 3 day trail every time I email them they said n 24-48 hrs ….well guess what it's been over 48hrs and nothing I just keep paying for gears tv @ least they promised what they said not like these Set TV guys

  5. Do not buy this shitty service all these reviews are paid by Jason the owner of set tv and trust me this service sucks and i promise you that most of the channels do not work and freeze up. They use cheap servers and direct tv for their channels. they will not refund your money . you can get better channels and service from other sources that are far way better . services like nitro Tv , Gears tv and privateiptv for less . Do not buy into this company this guy is looking to get rich and i promise the company will fold

  6. I just got one month service, I am not disappointed. Customer service is a little bad but it's pretty easy to set up. I have it on my pc, and on my firestick. I would like to get it on my phone but have not figured out how to do it ad of yet. If anyone knows how to put it on the phone let me know how to do it.

  7. unfortunately as from 3 days ago set TV stopped broadcasting sky sports channels so now none of the sky sports are there no more and after contacting said TV I asked them whether this is permanent or temporarily and unfortunately it is permanent so if you're signing up for set TV and you want sky sports then you need to look elsewhere their website still says on it that sky sports is on there but it is not I am really unhappy with this as this was one of the main reasons I took set TV subscription so not impressed their reasoning was they can only broadcast what they are allowed so I am now questioning what else will disappear because surely most of the channels especially the pay-per-view channels are not legit so we'll be looking elsewhere for another IP TV service it's a shame really as I am quite impressed with it compared to others just thought I would give people the information so they can make a decision on what they need IP TV for hope this helps


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