Pros N Cons review the popular Sling TV streaming service for Roku, Fire TV stick, Nvidia shields, Android boxes, etc.

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  1. SLING TC vs CABLE TV, vs Cable Cutters
    I need some honest and well thought out advice please. At 66, I don't watch sports or Disney. I like RT, Sci-Fi, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MEtv, Bloomburg, AMC and for my wife, The JADE Channel. Here is the rub, no one uses their mobile devices and we have 6 TVs, 4 of them are being used at any one time. I took care of the 2 least used TV's by using free on over the airway HD signals. So that leaves 4 TVs. Our cable bill runs about $120 per mo. Can you please offer some sage advice. Please toss us a bone will ya? thx a bunch

  2. not worth it. BAIT AND SWITCH GIMMICK. i signed up over a half a dozen times and after you become
    a paying customer they remove channels. i complain and they dont
    acknowledge the switch and bait scam they do. if you do decide to try
    it, write down all the channels you get upon signing up then keep
    checking everyday and see what happens.

  3. In my house it's my mom, my little brother and I and we have time warner and I don't watch tv at allllll. Only my brother watches the tv and all he watches is kids channels like Nick Jr and when my mom does watch tv all she watches is lifestyle channels like MTV or lifetime or sometime. I'm tired of paying over $100 every month for time warner. I'm looking into cable alternatives like Sling TV

  4. You two interrupted one another which made it hard to realize the true distinction between the two of your preferred avenues of choice. I don't like newcasters or radio hosts doing that either, so maybe it is just me. Can't you just allow each other a chance to speak without interruption? I felt this was important to listen to in order to make the right decision on what non-cable device to use

  5. i first heard about slingtv from a coworker. at first i thought he was talking about the slingbox but its completely different. i signed up for slingtv and currently on a 7 day trial. if its all good, i'm going to drop comcast cable tv. i'm paying about $170 per month for cable tv and cable internet. seems a bit high

  6. eso es una polqueria ya lo trate y no se compara con set tv now if you want latino channel you has to pay for extra set tv you have todita la programacion por 20.00 month incluyendo todo los latinos why to pay extra for more channel you can have all for $ 20.00 es una buena opcion y una buena compra gracias por el video.


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