Pros N Cons share differences between Sony playstation vue iptv service and Sling television.

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  1. You all need to do more research on this topic and definitely the providers you mentioned, if you're going to provide a true pros and cons post. You're missing a lot and it is not accurate.

  2. not the best video comparing both service. Of course they have better iptv out .But not to reliable like this big names and you don't need a vpn to protect you or Internet provider slowing you down. ??

  3. I've been looking around YouTube for reviews about which works better for me, I'm thinking of buying an Apple TV, and getting one of these services, but I'm kinda into sports, movies and yeah there's one or two TV shows that I watch. Which of the two gets the most sport channels?

  4. Just curious….what legal IPTV services with more channels are out there that you guys keep mentioning? I've found plenty of illegal ones, but no legal ones besides a handful of services like ps vue, sling tv, direct tv now, etc.

  5. Dude, this pros n cons is a joke. SlingTV and PS Vue are legal services. They wanna compare with services that are illegal offering PPV and other premium channels for $20 or whatever a month.

  6. Que pendejo! diske ppv? what service that is legal are you going get everything under 30 dollars???, I only pay 29:99 for ps vue in Central Florida, I have HDTV antenna over air for free local channels, so please amuse me Mr Con!!! tell us where or how you getting all PPV channels? witch by the way is illegal!!!!! and by the way you need to get that clown off your channel before he gets you guys in legal issue!


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