Hey guys it’s cordcutterdad and in this video i’ll, be bringing you another premium. Iptv application for download on your fire stick and your streaming media box. It’s, got great content from the us uk and canada, as well as an excellent selection of latino channels, 24, 7 and movies on demand.

Let’s, check it out, [, Music ]. So once again, thanks for stopping by the channel and if we are meeting for the first time, what i do here is all things iptv, whether or not they are free or paid applications for movies tv shows and live television.

If it’s got iptv in it. I’m on it. So if you like, what i’m, doing feel free to go ahead and hit that subscribe button and don’t forget to check the notifications. Now let’s, get into the app.

What we were talking about today is best usa iptv, and they are an excellent service for you. They do offer a free trial, so you can at least try it before you buy it. So you don’t have to take my word for it.

You’ll, see when the system populates. I am using tonight the xc iptv application. They do have the ability for you to use smarters and tv mate and a couple of others. I decided to use xc tonight when the system is populating.

You’ll, see you’ve got buttons here for the tv guide, movies and series as well as live tv. I will focus on live tv and touch on the series just a little bit and the movies as well. The channels on the side are what’s available and you can see it’s got a great selection.

You’ve, got 24 7 channels, you’ve got cinema, you’ve, got uk channels, locals entertainment, documentaries, news and shopping, and kids and music movies and sports clubs and football. Then you ‘

Ve got u.s, entertainment channels, documentaries, news, kids, music movies, sports and then you ‘ Ve got your local channels of all of the major networks. You’ve got great sports sections. All of your big box.

Sports sections are here for you and you could see that you ‘ Ve got college sports, you’ve got football, you’ve got hockey, you’ve, got um fight, pass, you’ve got soccer, and then you start getting into canadian channels, entertainment, documentaries, news and kids and music Movies and sports they even have canadian locals for you to look at then you start getting into the latino channels.

They do have a 24-hour section of latino channels, which is very unique, and then you start getting into specific countries, and you can see what’s there. I’ll. Let you look at that for yourself, you also have the ability to get caribbean channels and well as dstv.

I am going to focus obviously on the english speaking content. So let’s start off in the us figure that’ll, be the best spot to do it. We’ll scroll back up to the entertainment section and what i’ll do here is i’m, going to go ahead and you’ll, see all the channels, but i am going to click into the Next screen – and this is really where this system shines – i love the layout of the xciptv application.

It is very easy to use you ‘ Ve got the channel list on the side over there. You ‘ Ve got the video playing up top and then you have the epg underneath the epg stands for electronic program guide and let you know what’s playing now and what’s coming up next, so you’re able to Actually see what’s playing before you go to any particular channel and they do have great channels.

You’ve got antenna as well as all of the other channels. Here you’ve got entertainment channels, you’ve, got old school channels, you’ve, got the networks, of course, and you could see what they are.

You’ve, got comedy channels, science fiction channels and again i would consider this to be what i would say are the basics, all of your entertainment channels. Everything like that. Let’s, go into the documentary channels, and this is where all of the typical big box documentary channels are located.

You’ve got the family channel wild and science, you’ve got nasa, and so on. You got news channels and all of the usual suspects for news are here, so it doesn’t matter. What side of the aisle you sit on? There is definitely a channel of news for you to enjoy and you can see what’s here for yourself here’s, all the kid channels and again, as i always say, the usual suspects all of the cartoon networks and all of The other ones are here, you’ve got music channels, and you can see what’s available for that, as well movie channels.

All of your big box, movie ones are here. Obviously you know which ones i’m. Talking about you could see who they are and what again you can see what’s playing, and there are great selections here here’s, your sports channels.

You got two news: you deportes, and then you start getting into some local or should say regional sports channels. You even have other channels that are baseball, and football and soccer related that are regional as well.

Here’s, all your local channels and again i’m just going to scroll through. There are a lot of great cities for you to pick from. I would say that maybe not every one of your cities are here, but chances are.

There is a region that’s close to you that you can enjoy. We’ll, go into the uh. The last of the networks now here’s, other sports and, of course, you know which sports network this is, and they have great content, including the us version and spanish version.

Moving on here’s, the big box, all of the different sports for this as well other big box. Again, all of the different sports channels are here for you to pick from football here’s, all of the baseball channels, and you know baseball seasons in full swing, no pun intended, but it is moving and grooving.

We are coming up to the post season pretty soon here’s, all of your basketball pass football pass, football is coming up and, of course, you ‘ Ve got the um all of the channels. Every single game will play here on the days that they are designated here’s, the uh, the hockey channels for you and, of course, fighting willow here’s soccer other great soccer channels.

To pick from now, we get into some canadian content and i would say that these are your basics as well. You got a lot of great entertainment channels. You’ve got food channels, documentary channels.

You even have some religious channels in here to pick from here’s, all your specific documentary channels for the canadian market and a lot of these are the same networks that are in the us. They just put them for canadian market as well.

Here’s, some news channels for you for canadian and they are specific to particular uh regions that you can pick from. You got kids channels. Of course, all of the kids are here: music channels, movie channels, sports.

All of the different sports are available for you here, canadian sports. I should say here’s. All the canadian locals and look at this here’s, all of the different cities that are available for canadian locals.

You got halifax toronto, vancouver new brunswick, calgary montreal, st john’s; oshawa nova, scotia ottawa. So there’s, a lot of great local channels of different canadian networks. Here’s, the 24 hours latino channels, and a lot of these are actually american or english speaking movies that are dubbed in spanish.

For you to pick from and tv shows too, by the way – and here’s, all of the particular latino countries that you can look at, i’m, not going to focus too much on that. I do want to go into the caribbean section, real, quick.

We’ll scroll over to that all right. We’re. Getting there. We’re. Getting there there we go so there’s. A lot of english speaking content for the caribbean, i do have a great selection of my subscribers that do reside in the caribbean, so this is a great option for you as well and remember.

They are offering a free trial, so it’s. Definitely worth it for you to take advantage, we’ll, go ahead and back out of this. What i want to do now is: i want to go into the movies section and again there are great selections of different movies.

For you to pick from you’ve got new releases, you’ve got uh 4k action drama, anime christmas, comedy documentaries. You can see what else is there? There are some specific brands of movies that you can pick from you’ve even got sci-fi and adventure stand up and latin movies as well, and these are one-click play guys.

Basically, what you’ll do. Is you’ll? Go to the movie that you want, you press play and you go and it’s that easy. It really does work very well. I will back out of that. We’ll, go into the series section and here’s.

All of the different series for you to pick from anime comedy crime and drama documentary so on kids, family reality, sci-fi and fantasy, and again this works the same way. What you’ll do. Is you’ll, go ahead and decide which series you want to watch you’ll figure out which season and which episode you press play and you go.

These are one click play. They do work. They do work well. Most of these images are in either 720 or in 1080. I have yet to see any of them in standard definition. Unless the series is an older series that actually focused in standard definition, so we’ll go ahead and back out of that.

What i’m going to do guys, is i’m, going to go ahead and take you on over to their website. Now i’m, going to show you how you’re able to take advantage of the free trial and go over their pricing. You’ll, be pleasantly surprised.

I ‘ Ll, see you in a second 12 seconds later, all right guys. So here we are on their website. I’ll, go ahead and leave a link in the description below, so you can take advantage of it. As i mentioned earlier, they are offering a free trial.

It’s, a 24-hour trial, so i would consider trying it before you buy it. It’s, definitely a good value anyway, but if you want to just try it first, you most certainly can their pricing is very, very reasonable.

They do have one month three month and uh six month and one year plans available and they’re, broken down into different connections as well. So if you wanted to do one connection for one month, it’s 5.

99, and then you can see all of the other different pricing that’s here, i think 599, for one connection, is very very good for three months: it’s 13.99, if you wanted to do it for two connections: it’s 9.

99 or 19.99, which is still a good value. Four connections: it’s 16.99 and 35.99, and then you ‘ Ve got five connections as well. So i really think it’s, a great value and, as i said, they are offering the free trial for you.

It’s a 24 hour trial for you to consider so you might as well take advantage of it. Try it for yourself and see if you like it and see if you like these videos too, because there’s, something there. I’m sure you would be interested in court cutter dad signing off and bidding you farewell, hoping that you like share and subscribe and, as i say at the end of all of my videos, live long and prosper and take care, bye, bye,

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  2. hola amigo pude configurar la lista que diste para poder el cdf y ningun problema pero al momento de ver y buscar otros canales me los carga sin ningun problema pero se ven la pantalla negra y no se ve nada…le gustaria saber si eso tiene solucion por lo demas gracias por la lista+

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