As a leading provider of English television, Indian television, Japanese television and Chinese television, Super IPTV utilizes the Internet network to deliver Live & VOD top TV channels to customers all over the world with the best value for money offers.

Super IPTV brings you the highest rated English TV, Indian TV, Japanese and Chinese TV channels, with its variety of products and subscriptions. All the hit English TV and Indian TV shows are right here. You can watch the programs live or on VOD, according to your preference.

IPTV channels can be viewed on your TV via the Super IPTV BOX which connects directly to your television. Video on demond (VOD) is FREE with your subscription, we will update the newest movies every week.

The advantages of Super IPTV are obvious:
* Some live sports or other hot TV channels will be added constantly according to customers’ requirements.
* Pictures quality will be better and better with the development of network technology.
* You can watch your favorite TV anytime, anywhere.
* Hardware and subscription costs are reduced, so you get the same service as cable or satellite, but just a fraction of the cost! * Needn’t dish installation, only connect with your internet. Super IPTV is also a good option if satellite dish isn’t permitted to install in your local area or there is no satellite signal in your current room.



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