Hey guys welcome to digit., and what we have for you today is the review of the tata sky binge plus set top box. Now we thought we’d. Do this a little differently? We’d answer all your questions about the set top box uh as a part of this review.

So we’re, not only covering the features, but a lot of questions that you guys had about it, and if you still have more questions about the box, you can always let us know in the comment section below we will do our best.


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Now let’s. Just look at the evolution of content consumption for a little bit. You know we live in a day and age where you can watch what you want when you want on whatever device you want, but that wasn’t.

The case when someone like me was growing up right. The entire family sat in front of the tv on friday night at 9 00 pm to watch the latest blockbuster that was advertised throughout the week. So that was four movies a month that you watched and maybe something over the weekend.

Even your tv shows was appointment. Viewing right, 9 p.m. X, show 10 p.m. Why show 7 p.m another show, so you actually had to be at home for that time, but then set-top boxes changed and they came with built-in storage.

Where you could record your favorite shows. So the point that you had to sit in front of your tv to watch your favorite show went away, but you had to still be in front of your tv now with ott content consumption.

You really don ‘ T need to be sitting in front of your tv and you don ‘ T really need to have these set top boxes. That’s. What the cord cutting generation is right. We’re, moving away to streaming devices and to ott platforms.

So what is the tata sky binge plus box? Well, it is a traditional set top box which brings with it certain features of the android tv box. Like let’s, say the me box and it tries to bring the best of both worlds of streaming and traditional uh consumption through a satellite tv through your setup box in one package.

So is it really a great option? What are the common problems? You’ll face. What are the advantages with this device? We’re gonna answer. All those questions right now, so we’ll start with what is the tata sky binge plus set top box? Well, like i said it is a traditional box, which means it has to be under your tv.

It has to be connected to the dish or if your society has a universal connection, either of the two, which means it will be physically uh limited to that spot. Under your tv, but it also brings with it the convenience of android tv, which you will see on, let’s, say uh, something like the me box, but the difference is that it doesn’t run the traditional android tv ui.

It runs its own uh, tata sky’s own ui, with giving you access to the google play store where you can uh download some of these apps. Now one more question that we got was: do you need to recharge the ott platform separately or are they part of your regular recharge? Well, here’s where you need to know a lot of details about the tata sky, binch plus set top box.

First of all, you’ll pay 3999 rupees to get this box and with the box or as an edition. What you get is access to hotstar premium z5 premium boot select, boot, kids, eros now hungama play sun next and shimaru me for six months.

Okay, so when the box is activated for you for the first time, you have access to these eight services for six months and after that, if you still want access to all eight services, you can just pay rupees 299 per month and you will get access to These services, you also get amazon prime uh, when you get the box for the first time, which is when you pay the 3999 rupees.

But the amazon prime subscription is for a mere three months and if you want to continue the amazon prime subscription. After that, you have to pay an additional 129 rupees per month. So if you want all the services, including amazon, prime, that comes to a total of 428 rupees per month, which is the 299 plus the 129 price point, so the next obvious question is: if you subscribe to the ott apps via the tata skype, binge recharge, which Is the 299 recharge? Can you log in or to consume content on your smartphone, your laptop or any other device? And sadly the answer is no.

If you are going to use the tata sky recharge, which is a 299 recharge for the bundle of services or the 129 for the amazon prime services, then you can only watch it on the binge plus set top box, which can be a bit of a bummer.

But what if you have your own subscriptions, can you log in and consume content from uh the apps on the binge plus box? Well, the answer is yes, so let’s say if you only consume content from amazon, prime video or disney plus hotstar premium or z5, or just one or two, not all the 78 apps that are available.

You already have a subscription. Maybe you’ve taken a year-long subscription. You can use your subscription by simply logging in onto these apps on the tata sky, binge plus box. There is no compulsion to recharge through data sky only to uh consume these apps.

So once you know that you can consume the content from the tata sky, binge plus set top box. So can you use it as an android streaming device only without recharging your tata skies base plan or for any channels? And sadly the answer to that is no.

You actually need to have at least a base plan recharge for tata sky in order to access the ott app. So if you’re thinking, one month, you won’t recharge your tata sky box to watch regular tv because you just don’t want to and just want to consume apps on the ott platforms available.

You won’t, be able to do that. You have to actually have a active tata sky box with its recharge. So since the tata sky, uh, binge plus set top box runs on the android platform, does it have the android tv ui and sadly the answer is no, but that’s, a good thing in a way because you get this one unified, tata sky, Ui, which i think is actually nice, because when you’re watching tv, you are working on just the tv’s.

Ui, which is you, can go into guide and see all the channels which are broken up into uh various categories like entertainment, hd movies and things like that. But in the ui you also have access to four different types, which is home, which is what i just spoke about: guide, which essentially clubs all the television channels under these different umbrellas, like hd, entertainment, etc.

Then you have binge so binge is just for a comparison sake. Think of it like the ui. We have patch wall on xiaomi’s tv, so the content is presented first rather than the streaming platform. So let’s say you might see things like game of thrones from hot star.

You might see something from z5. You might see something from a different streaming platform. Binge will collate all the content from these bin services under one umbrella. So you can actually just find a piece of content that you like, rather than going through the streaming service first and then finding the content that you want to watch and the last tab is of course apps which gives you access to things like.

Google play store and where you can go and download apps and see the apps catalog that you have downloaded and built. So that is a breakup of the ui. It’s. Neat! It’s clean it’s, really easy to use now.

The next question that we were asked is: are there any streaming services that the tata sky binge plus set top box does not support, and as of recording this video, and as of us, writing our review? No, it does not support netflix.

That’s. One of the platforms that it doesn’t support it could in the future, but as of right now it doesn’t support netflix, and you cannot sideload the app either it will not work. Another thing you should do is the tata sky.

Binge plus set top box is a 4k set top box and it supports a hdr as well. Hdr, 10, not dolby vision. So if you are going to consume content on amazon, prime video or hotstar, both of which are giving hdr content, then uh this box will work well with your 4k tv and tomorrow.

If you know 4k broadcasting comes up and if it’s compatible, it should because the setup box supports hdmi 2.0, which is 4k and hdr ready, so you are set with any of the apps that will stream in 4k and hdr.

If you have a compatible tv that is um, another question that we got asked is, since this tv is running since the sector box is running on android, can you plug in a pen, drive and play movies, and sadly the answer is no.

We did copy a couple of movies and different formats on a pen drive and plugged it in one of the usb ports at the back of the binch plus box, and we couldn’t, get it to work. We even downloaded apps like vlc and plex.

If you have a plex server setup, you should be able to run that fine on the binge plus box. But if you’re going to use an app like vlc to play content of a pen drive that is, unfortunately not going to work now.

Moving on to the remote control, which i always like to show you guys at first glance it looks slim, it looks sleek and uh. The points of contact like the up down left right are only at the point of contact.

It’s, not on the side. The side is like hard, which is good, that it’s hard, because then you know where you need to move your finger to actually press a button. Same thing goes for the volume controls it’s hard on the side, so it might look like soft rubbery uh.

You know cover around all the sides, but it’s only where the actual button is where it’s. Clickable and that’s good, it took me a little bit of getting used to, but the remote control actually works. Fine, so, and because of the way it’s designed because of its construction, it’s, got this little textured back out here, which gives it a good grip.

When you hold it, your fingers are in the center out here, which means your directional pad your home, which you are going to navigate through a lot. It is very convenient. This is actually the kind of remote.

Maybe televisions can learn from to have like the number pad here, but it’s just the way it’s constructed for a grip that it’s, giving you good access. So we’ve, seen traditional remotes like let’s, say, for example, this is an lg tv, remote.

It’s very, very traditional in comparison to something like this, even though both of them are kind of used for similar functionalities. No dedicated ott hotkeys, which i think is fine. I mean it kind of works uh you just have to navigate to binge to get through that’s, that’s, the kind of user experience they want to give, which is why you, don’t, have dedicated ott buttons On it, but i like this remote control, i mean it’s, one of the better design, tata sky, remote controls and the buttons are nice and clicky.

You also have this light that glows up here, uh, which tells you that an action has happened on the remote control and also pops up, and you are going to use the voice controls which we will get to in a bit.

So if you guys want to know some of the specifications of the starter sky binge plus set top box, it has a dual band wi-fi. It has got 2gb of ram uh 8gb of storage. Dual band, wi-fi is good. If you’re going to stream 4k content from the streaming services, it has two usb ports, but you can’t play content off them.

It has an hdmi port. It has an optical port as well. In case you want to. You know connect it to a soundbar or a home theater and the hdmi uh 2.0 port is also controllable through the settings to switch to 1.

4 or 2.0. If you want to output uh, you know the different signals and it also has a traditional av port at the back, which is a red, white and yellow. So a well connected apart from the usb. It does support hdr like i said, but it does not support.

Dolby vision now answering, of course, the most important question is: should you buy the tata sky plus set top box? That is, if you are a tata sky subscriber or are planning to get a subscription well, the answer actually depends on how you will consume content on this device, because if you watch traditional tv or if you have people in your family that still consume content in The traditional sense of watching tv – and if you are some that doesn’t necessarily have the best internet connection at home.

It keeps coming and going you’re tethering from your phone. You’re using a 4g dongle, so ott content consumption. If you are going to use it at its highest, fidelity does consume a lot of data. In such cases, it’s great to have both worlds, because if your internet isn’t working, you can watch traditional tv.

If that is the kind of setup that you have and then you don’t need an additional device like a fire tv stick or a chromecast or a me box to consume content, you have everything in a one-stop shop and add to it.

The benefit that for 299 rupees a month, you get a pretty decent package of services that you can subscribe to and it becomes 428 rupees a month, if you add amazon prime to it, but remember this is over and above your regular tata sky recharge.

But what if you’re, someone that has a fantastic internet connection at home and you really don’t care much for watching tv. Well, in that case, you probably already have an existing setup with either a smart tv or a streaming device connected to your smart tv.

So, honestly, the answer for someone like you becomes: do you really want to go back to watching traditional tv with your tata sky connection that may have been left dormant for some time since you became a cord cutter or is the value of 299 rupees a month For all these services, something that’s enticing to you, because you are subscribing to all these services like hot stuff, premium, z5 premium boot select, wood, kids, eros now from gama play sun next shimerumi and you know it’s.

It’s, a lot of services that you have access to, which is a lot of content that you can consume. So you may want to do the math of the subscription of these services individually versus this combo service.

Yes, the disadvantage. Is there that netflix is not a part of this, but it’s, not a part of it right now. Who knows it could be on the service in the future? So there you have it guys that was our review of the tata sky binge plus set top box and uh.

If you want to know more about this box, you can always let us know in the comment section below we will do our best to answer all your questions and for more from the world of technology you can subscribe to our channel.


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