This video is by request from one of my Subscribers, He wanted to see how X1 Xfinity Cable Box looks Upscaled via Xbox One S.On this Video i will also show you how to connect it to your xbox one s and what type of HDMI cables & inputs i am using.


  1. I was the one that suggested this. I'm planning to connect my Dish Wally to the Xbox One S once I get it. I already have the VIZIO M55-D0 4k HDR TV with 64 Active LED zones aka zones of local dimming Dolby Vision and HDR10 Smartcast TV. I actually use my standard Xbox one even though it only does 1080p maximum because the receiver only does 1080i at maximum with the exception of on demand

  2. I just subscribe in you channel can you connect the interned with out having xfinity box I don't have interned but my brother have internet xfinity but I live in different are and he give me the password for the xfinity and if have laptop or regular pc I get conected but I can't with Xbox one s


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