The Best Android TV Box? 2017

On this video i will share with you guys what i believe to be the Best Android TV Box for 2017 in 4 different categories:

– Best Hardware –
– Best Price for the Performance –
– Best TV Experience –
– Best Budget – &

The individual reviews of all machines can be found here

Wireless Remote Control Comparison:
Gamepad Comparison:
Mini PC´s Win 10:
Mobile Devices:

With the help of this great community, here we are back for a season ending.

As usual all the choices are my opinion but based on all the experiences that i had with these machines and hopefully will help to decide which box is the right for your self.

Also i would like to hear your experiences down bellow on the comments so that we can get a nice discussion going on and that it helps to build the Best Android TV Box 2017 Video.

Hope it helps
Roberto Jorge ?

Latest Android TV Boxes Reviewed:

– Nvidia Shield TV
– Minix U9-H
– Wetek Play 2
– Xiaomi Mi Box 3
– Beelink Gt1 / GT1 Ultimate
– Minix U1
– Zidoo X9S
– Ugoos UT4
– Ugoos AM1
– Dolamee D6
– Nexbox A95X
– Probox Air Plus
– Beelink SEA I
– MyGica ATV 495
– MyGica ATV 1900
– Wetek Hub
– Yundoo Y8
– MX Max
– Tronsmart Vega S95
– Wetek Core
– Himedia Q10 Pro
– NexBox N9
– Ziddo X6 Pro
– Ziddo X5
– Ziddo X1
– MX IV Tellos
– MX III – G
– Probox EX2 Plus
– Tronsmart Orion R68
– M8S Plus
– Minix Z64 Windows 8.1
– Minix Z64 Android
– Minix X8HPlus Andoid TV Box
– Xtreamer Wonder Andoid TV Box
– Wetek Play Andoid TV Box
– Beelink iOne Andoid TV Box
– Probox 2 EX Andoid TV Box
– MX III Andoid TV Box
– MX IV Andoid TV Box
– Minix X6 Andoid TV Box
– Ziddo X9 Andoid TV Box
– M8S Andoid TV Box
– Bluetimes RK3288 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Phantom MX4 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Fantasy A8 Andoid TV Box
– Rikomagic MK12 Andoid TV Box
– Ubox RK 3288 Andoid TV Box
– Mobie Solo Andoid TV Box
– XS Box Andoid TV Box

Windows Mini PC´s:
– Beelink BT3 Pro
– Minix Z83-4
– Minix NGC-1
– Minix Z64 Windows
– Beelink BT7
– Beelink BT3
– Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus
– Wintel Dual OS

Portable Devices:
– Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet
– GPD Android
– GPD Windows 10
– Chuwi Hibook 12
– Xiaomi Mipad 2
– Cube iWork 10

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  1. Hello Roberto all im using my box is for video movie streaming. The issue im having is that the builds i use for the kodi experience make the videos buffer in its very slow
    What box do you recommend my budget is wide open
    HELP ME OUT btw great video

  2. Hi roberto jorge good day. What if i only use to view my movies? What do u prefer i dont have any idea. Im thorn between himedia q10 pro and nvidia shield im currently using wd media player and it quite sucks.

  3. Hi RJ, i am looking for a Android TV box only to use for Kodi and run 4k movies from my external hard drive. can you please assist , how is MX9 Pro or any other box you can recommend. thanks

  4. Hi Roberto. I got the Beelink GT1 but the WIFI is awful. I watch live content and it's no good if the WIFI signal cuts every 5 mins. Is there a box you can recommend with good WIFI as having a wired connection isn't an option.

  5. Hi i love your video it's very easy to understand I'm looking to purchase a Antroid box I don't know much about it so I would like you to inlighten me a bit i only want it to watch TV shows and movies and to get cable channels hoping to hear from you soon thanks

  6. The mi box does not give the same experience as the shield. It has very weak hardware. You should compare it to Mi Box 3 Enhanced Edition is equipped with MT 8693 2-core Cortex A72 (2GHz) + 4-core Cortex A-53 (1.6 GHz) and a 64 bit processor. So it at least comes a little near in terms of hardware speed.


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