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  1. Hi Soloman, I am new to this IPTV business… can you please let me know how can I set up the Set TV Now service on a 2016 Samsung Smart TV with the Tizen operating system?. Is it possible to get the Set Tv Now on a Roku box? Thank you.

  2. Hey solo man I took the trial with iptv now I only have the card details page on my iptv home screen explaining to me Aldo my trial is over .how can I get past this ?
    Do I use a different URL? I'm confused as I don't won't to pay a provider for this unless this is what I've got to do .
    Hope you can help .

  3. Solo man can you help me??!! I have an LG Smart TV projector model LG77PAU and I've been trying for days to figure out how to upload apps. I even went to the web browser to try from the internet LG app store rather than the one built in and there seems to be compatibility issues with the smart projector. Any way around this? Thanks in advance for your response.


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