Here is a review of my experience with the GearsTV addon. I am not affiliated with GearsTV tv nor was this review paid. As a fellow cord cutter my aim is to inform the Kodi community of available options.
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  1. Ok I'm a new Mag 254 owner and I need to know the best IPTV service provider to buy from that's safe and best to use.. I tried a 24 hour Trail from Lite IPTV and not sure if they are a scam or not! Any help??? Always prefer to use PayPal also safe for me purchasing from these companies..

    Any help on the Companies to try would be great. I live in the Bahamas so I like U.S channels etc

  2. Service was very good but they tried to slap me with a 1.50 penalty if I wanted to renew after my 1month subscription lapsed. Hadn't read the fine print and that bothered me.

  3. For those of you interested in IPTV, and are unsure of who to go to, I have paid subs to Nitro, SETV, and Ace IPTV. Hands down, most reliable for mediocre internet is SETV. They stream in a lower quality so you only need around 6Mbps internet, and is going to be the best for slow connections. Ace will need around 10 Mbps, and Nitro runs best on 18+ Mbps. SETV has .apk for Android and firestick, and a Windows and Mac program for installation. Ace and Nitro have kodi addons. SETV is 20$ a month for 3 devices/connections. Ace is 10$ a month for 2 devices. Nitro is 20$ for 1 device, quality is top notch lime GesrsTV, but only for great internet speed users.


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