This is by far the best way to watch iptv on android, over 900 channels included. Free movies, etc.

Download emulator here:

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  1. this link is for a trial that locks your IPTV to this app. you can't even buy the app for 3.99 because the PayPal link is broken. unless you have less than a week left on your sub, don't bother putting your info in here. great app for android boxes though. vod works like a dream.

  2. Hey soloman ,

    do you know whats up with older versions , there not working ,
    along with the older ver of stb emu , for iptv66 , do i have to use the mw1iptv66 format instead of the current one,

  3. Happy New Years Solo man, I'm very new at this so what do you mean to inform my provider. And do you have any video's for ppl that are just starting out with APK. I have a firestick that I use.

  4. the problem that solo man did, was that he didn't take the time to actually show the users how to put the stalker apk on the box, instead he already had the file on a USB. you guys can take the stalker url,in the description and type it into chrome on you're box and download/install from there..

  5. Hi Solo Man…I plan on getting rid of the cable with my service provider (I am keeping my internet with them of course)…would I still give them my Mac# although I won't have tv service with them?

  6. Ahmmm… Ok this is fine I agree, but can one tell me how is this superior to Kodi? Kodi can all of that and much more with his third party addons.

    It would be good though that in future this gets a Real Debrid support so people can enjoy in much better HD quallity then on those free links.

  7. Link published point to an APK file with a few trojans, I analyzed the APK using virus total that was the result:
    AegisLab Troj.Gen!c 20170301
    Alibaba A.H.Pay.Oncsms.B 20170228
    Cyren AndroidOS/GenBl.389DAAC2!Olympus 20170301
    Qihoo-360 Android mobile malware 20170301
    Symantec Trojan.Gen.8 20170228
    Trustlook Android.PUA.General 20170301
    WhiteArmor Android-Malware.SN-Sure.083705464549533600.[PUA] 2017022

  8. If you have a service provider, then why would you need to go through all of this, just to gain access to channels on the box, that your provider is already providing? Isn't the whole purpose of these streaming devices centered around cutting the service all together?

    Maybe I misunderstood you when you said that service provider would need certain information, in order to access the link.

  9. I do not understand all your vision to follow tnem and impossible on you screen to a light that one who follow can not follow you do not know if you do it to prospect or it happens and you do not I apologize to me if i get youi what i see sorry thanks

  10. solo man if I. get this done I need a TV licence? ??to get this kodi box set do I need intenet access like wifi???…I've got no sky box now…but I don't no what to do and what box to buy help


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