Watch premium live TV channels in HD on any Roku.

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  1. I'm trying to fire Directv….have a Roku….does this stream MLB? Can you access the same NFL Sunday Ticket games? I am a die hard NCAAM BB junkie….will this cover me?

  2. Hi . new subscriber. im not a geek so please use basic language and instructions. Would You (anyone) advise what I will need to get best Live Tv service from Hulu . (im open to other suggestions) I currently have cable and would like to cut the cord asap. I also have Amazon Firestick and Kodi. Please help Asap . Thanks

  3. Solo Man..need re it out. Stayed up last night till 3 Am. Cant load Anything on my Kodi It says I am online but it keeps saying Matricom Page  error. I Dont know what to try next Any Ideas

  4. Nitro ABSOLUTELY sucks so DO NOT subscribe to it. They kicked kicked off Roku nearly every single day so no service when that happens. ZERO support outside of waiting for a reply email. Soloman, you need to do another video showing the truth about this "service".

  5. Like the way you explain what I need to do. I can get all of the channels I want but cnn. I want to know if there is a code for that channel w/o going through your carriers. I have roku. thanks

  6. Wow TV has been targeted (channel is disabled) by (I assume) roku corporate for the last couple months. Now they kill the channel as soon as you add it back. Is nitro TV still working? I am never going back to dish.

  7. This is not working anymore I just paid $20 for a month and it says that they violated Roku in the channel, please somebody help me how do I get my money back and how do I add that bunch of futures channels that they had???

  8. Solo Man- Will Mach tv ( Nitro Tv) install on the brand new versions of Roku? I see it will for the 1, 2, 3 , 4 and the new Roku stick but i'm thinking of buying the newer Roku Premiere plus. Do i need to purchase one of the versions listed above or can i get the IPTV service with the newer Premiere as well? I live in the United States. I noticed people were commenting on where they lived further down.

  9. I had that program on my ROKU for two weeks then Roku told me it will not support it anymore . I had to delete it , now I'm trying to put it on Kodi . Good program when it works.

  10. Big issues with Nitro, I just got this message from them. Roku kept bumping them off. I had to reset the service everyday since I got it, then I get this…..Roku
    is currently removing all private channels globally. Until there is a
    work around found you will need to use the public channel below. Even with the reset information. I got from them is doesn't work. What gives sologuy?..

  11. Basically all the ad is to let YOU know that YOU can save a fortune by switching to IPTV,
    IPTV allows you to freely stream Movies, Tv-Shows, Music and more… all you need is a good internet connection (for it to play without buffering), if you have bad wifi like myself get yourself a wifi booster… works fine for me now 😉
    Onetime payment off £75! for a year subscription, there's NO automatic renewal!

    If you're interested PM and I'll set you up with a meeting on a group chat with a senior member staff to explain what to do, step by step info to get you started!

    Also selling fire sticks with Kodi, IPTV and much more add-on's for £130 normally £140 that's £10off on your first order!!!

    One more thing people, IPTV is a subscription for a panel and we explain what YOU have to do, we run a 24/7 support with any questions PM or I'll refer you to someone who can help 🙂

  12. Download mamoTV on play store and watch hundreds of free channels and radios on your smartphone, tablet and television. No more subscriptions per month because with mamoTV watching TV it's free

  13. Hey Bro, i been trying to acces to the website but is crashing constantly. tooks me about an hour to send an inquiry of information. so if the website is crashing? the streamming is not the same? also there is not many reviews about them, no social media, no facebook, no twitter, anything. So you really recomend this?
    The same case with Setvnow. a couple of weeks to this guys begging literally for support and nothing. the reviews says that the service is good but the support sucks. i reaize that that is true. i still waiting this guys to send me the right code. how you can recomend this?
    Is there any iptv service that have good quality and decent support?

  14. If I were willing to pay $65 or more the month I would be paying premium satelite service instead of investing my time trying to learn all the tricks that everybody here is looking for.
    At the end, I was just following your recomendations in this services
    thanks for that wise advice!


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