My list of TOP 10 KODI ADDONS OF JULY 2017 with the best for Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV, IPTV, Kids and Cartoons, Music, Documentaries, even adult xxx content!

This list of TOP 10 KODI Addons of July 2017 is based on addon stability, content and overall performance. Even though TVAddons is shutdown, a lot of great addons are working and from other sources as well!

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  1. Dimi my girlfriend is Filpno we had cnn philipines but it's gone as you know .lts hell trying to get her news and tv can you help your poor friends in Canada ????? thank you boomer .

  2. thanks for all of the updates Dimi. I want to use spmc and kodi on my device. Which do you recommend for individual addons , and which one for one of your builds?

  3. Just about all of the live tv apps don't play for more than 30 seconds. If you noticed, he would close them very quickly and if you look at the time on the bottom they were all between 10-12 seconds long. Once this time is up the channel closes and that's that for that channel. I've tried it over and over again and it just doesn't work

  4. Love your combination updates on Addons, but need to ask you to go a little slower to enable us to copy what you are doing. On the other hand if there was a script of what you did, then you can go as fast as you wish. Just my thought, Thanks for your info.

  5. Hi thanks for the vid! Quick question, for this latest build can I just follow the instructions on your site for the boom shaka laka build on the forums? Updated in jan, or do I need to follow another procedure? Thanks!

  6. Thank you for all the add-ons, their great. However, I followed your all your steps and the one I am always having problems adding is SportsDevil. No matter how I try to add it, it always comes up with Error check log for more information. Do you know how I can correct this. I have tried to instal it from different repos and it all comes up the same.

  7. Elysium is not in the repo. I installed all of the repos on Kodi 17.3 but the only video on that was actually installed was youtube, most of them said that they failed to install a dependency.

  8. Great stuff your vid's really helped me set up a really good build on my kodi box. Only problem i got is with the youtube add-on it keep's saying daily limit exceeded before i even watch anything.
    I have tryed load's of fix's i even tryed making my own API key and it still will not work properly. Do you know how to fix it?
    Thank's in advance and keep up the good work 🙂


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