In this video we’re, going to look at streaming devices for 2021. We’re, going to cover streaming devices that are in 4k and also ones that are not are just in high def. All of these will be in coordination with consumer reports before we get to all this.

I’d, just like to point out that if you are going to do some streaming, it’s, not a bad idea to check out the ipvanish services they ‘ Ve got a couple of deals on right now. These deals are constantly changing throughout the year, so click on the link in the description below, if you’d, like to surf the internet in anonymity, now uh just before we get to this, we are going to have ratings in five categories.

I won’t read these over, but the first one is going to be the picture. Quality get from your device will be rated in excellent, very good, good and fair and in terms of excellence. Five out of five and fair is down to two out of five, and there were no one out of fives in any of our ratings.

Coming up, the five categories we’re covering will also include the features for your device. How easy it is for everyday use, how easily it will connect to uh your internet and wi-fi and all that and, lastly, how easy it is to set up for the first time out of all the ratings.

The first time setup is probably the one that varies. The most some are excellent, going all the way down to fair, so right off the start. We’re, going to talk about our nvidia shield tv pro streaming, which came in at an 84.

It also is one of the larger price tags for this. One, but this device is actually able to take lower quality, video and increase it so uh. That could be definitely something useful if you’re wanting to stream in 4k in terms of our ratings, not the most outstanding ratings, but we do have an 84 overall.

Now there are a bunch of 83 inc, including the amazon fire tv cube. Our second generation at a hundred bucks, this device – is it’s, a little bulky, so you’re, going to need a place to uh. Just you know.

Have it as you’re using it and additionally to our ratings? Are pretty good for this one? There’s. Also another cube too. The amazon fire tv cube, 100 rated as an 83 and also some similar setup ratings.

So you actually have a couple of different options there for your amazon cubes. Our first entry for roku of many uh is the roku ultra 2018, these probably getting a little harder to find. They’re around 50 bucks and some good ratings as well.

The roku 2019, this one might be a little bit easier, but you can see the price tag is a little higher for this one being it is a year newer and also has some similar ratings and the nvidia shield tv streaming device.

This one is rated as an 82 again it’s, a more expensive option, but i guess, if you’re, truly serious about your streaming, you can check out one of the two devices they provide that make our list.

We have another roku. This one again is a little bulkier. It’s, not one of the ones that you plug into the back of your tv. An odd price range there for this particular streaming device. But if you’ve got the space to set this one up.

The roku is a good option. Now we got the amazon fire tv. Stick this one. It’s, a giant picture. I’ve got on here, but it actually is a very good value and it’s, just one that you plug into the back of your tv, essentially makes any tv into a smart tv like they all do, and this one has Some top-notch ratings as well: 81 aruku 4 streaming media device a little more pricey than some of our previous options as well, and our first google chromecast, the ultra priced at seventy dollars, gets an 80 rating and another roku.

This is our 2020 streaming device and again this one’s, a little more expensive, but does read up as an 80, which is uh, which is good, and we have the roku streaming plus the head phone edition. This one’s.

A little more uh uh reasonably priced, it does write down as a 78 though, and we have another amazon fire tv stick and there we go. This one is much more affordable than any of the. This is probably the cheapest option that we’ve.

Seen yet here and our google chromecast with google tv now this one around fifty dollars rates in at a 77, i got a feeling that this one could be. Maybe the breakout device of 2021. it’s. Google tv is coming with some excellent options in the future, sounds like it’s, going to be putting all kind of the streaming platforms in one spot and uh yeah.

So this could be a definite option. I got a feeling that the scores are probably going to go up next time. Ratings are revealed, apple tv has a couple of entries here in a row. They are a little expensive and rate as a 77 and, of course, apple are sometimes hard to add almost impossible to add your third-party streamings, but, like i said we do have, we also have the 64 that makes this list as well.

So you got the two options i guess depends on the size and space you require very similar ratings scorecard, though another roku streaming plus stick this one’s a little bit cheaper rates in as a 77. You can see on the controller itself.

It’s, got buttons like netflix and sling and hulu, so you can jump right to them, which is nice and convenient, and much like the other roku ‘ S. Has some good scores the first time setup is not the best, though.

So. Beware of that i ‘ Ve got the me box s. This one is a 77 reasonably priced as well. This one might take some time to ship in though, from wherever country it’s coming from and the roku plus 2018 version.

Again, probably getting a little more difficult to find good scores, though, and the tivo streaming 4k. This one is our lowest rated of the 4k options, but reasonably priced as well now on to the devices that do not stream in 4k and it’s.

Not the worst thing ever i mean there’s, not a lot of 4k options. Unless you’re paying for the real debride, we ‘ Ve got the roku premium. Here you’ll notice. The prices are a lot uh more reasonably priced here.

Butter scores are lower too for these ones that are just full hd with the 1080p, and maybe that’s good enough. For you, i mean there. You need to not only have a 4k tv to use the 4k ones, but you’re, also going to need.

The 4k service, which you know in the future will be big now is, can be a little bit difficult. The google chromecast we got our third generation one again this one just plugs into the back of your tv, like a lot of the smaller ones, do and we’ve got the amazon fire uh the light version.

This one is maybe one of the cheaper ones on the list and again it doesn’t have the 4k, but it does have the alexa and it’s, a good option and the roku premium 2018 again at 27. Bucks might be a little harder to find our scores are starting to get into the low 70s.

Now so again it’s. It’s coming time to balance the cost versus the rating we ‘ Ve got the 2019 express here. We’re reading down at 69.. Nothing funny about that and now my final recommendation after compiling what is most cost effective and best for overall ratings, i would have to say, would be the amazon fire tv stick.

This is the the 4k one rates in at 81.. You can get the other ones that aren’t 4k for uh, cheaper and cheaper prices until you’re finally, getting down to the ones that are the light version which works excellent.

So there are your ratings. I’d, like to inform you that this video was recorded using the cloner alliance box pro it acts as a vcr pvr. You can record anything with it click the link in the description below.

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