These Addons are really good

1. Goodfellas


2. Exabyte TV


3. AdryanList




5. Supremecy


Please make sure you install F4M tester for these addo-ons this is a very important step always protect yourself with a VPN



Click on the following link to stay safe!

Enjoy! Hit the Thumbs up button!!


  1. Another great video . I've been at this for a while as a hobby on my free time. What do you think about doing a video on add-ons we can delete? I have around 70 some do not work but I don't know if they're just down for the day or forever. Thanks man and keep up the good work.

  2. In the US list, some channels are white, most are blue. The blue ones don't work. Is there a fix for this? It seems to be the same channels on every iptv add on i have that doesn't work.

  3. goodfellas tv are not working too much here ,not the best for tv for me and the other choice in the menu,ex: the movies don't work too much too,there is a vip add-on i guess this is most too boost this,seem like alots want too most sell then give free,they give a free broken add-on most too sell,i don,t think i will keep or use it,just the 24/7 channels seem too work and they take 7 sec or more too start
    goodfellas 3/10 thumb down

  4. When press the movie i want to watch a message will pop out on my tv playback fail (One or more items failed to play.check the log for more information about this message) i don't know what to pls help im using good fellas

  5. The only problem I am having is that all the free tv iptv channels will work and be unreliable. It is not a great way to relax and watch a favorite show or a game just to freeze and buffer all the time. And let's be honest, many of the channels are like that with free iptv…I have been suffering for a year until I got a paid iptv and now I can watch what I like and be confident that it will work… So, thanks for your video but no thanks for the free iptv any more…

  6. yes. however HE WAS OF NO USE TO A LAYMAN LIKE ME, if you're not tech savey and NEED guidance, HE GOES WAY TOO FAST!!! There was no way I could benefit from his advice as much as I wanted too. Given that I have the latest Kodi/Mygica box, navagating to each section was crutial to the installation of his add ons. Could not do it cuz he spoke too fast. Went from screen to screen too fast. And didn't explain to "how to get there" like other sits have done. Can anyone suggest a video that is more for the layman like myself? PLEASE.


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