Hi Everyone, in this video we explore the application for watching live tv streams on the ubox gen3 android tv box.

Click here for the Unboxing video

Click here for the video on the settings inside ubox


  1. Hello Sir Andrew, i purchased the ubox gen3 s900, but when i open the ubtv, i don't have abs cbn and gma in my channel list, can you help me how to configure it? hoping for kind reply…

  2. Hey. I dont suppose you know you to update the channel list? Every video i see on here people have more channels than me. I only have 708. I've noticed you have over 900. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks.

  3. need help, i ordered a new ubox gen 3 but it will give me an error message when i try to set up my wifi. the wifi password i entered is correct but it said it cannot connect to my wifi and to contact support. anyone know what is wrong??


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