Unboxing £49 Roku 3 Streaming Player Watch Free Internet Youtube TV Shows Netflix Films Set Top Box

This unboxing video is of my Roku 3 player, I paid £49 on 6/2/2017, I have had enough of sky so I decided to try Netflix on this Roku 3,

The model number of this Roku 3 is 4200 EU,

Roku’s website for specs of this player,

Roku quotes broadband connection speed required for their box to work,

Roku players should work well with almost any broadband connection,
We recommend a minimum of 3.0 Mbps for HD content (1.5Mbps for SD),
But don’t worry,
The average speed in the UK is a very quick 18 Mbps,

So speed test your connection to check it won’t be a problem,

Definitely don’t buy this box at £69,

It is regularly available from Tesco & Amazon at £49,

Check this site to check for the bargain price of £49,

This model I have is the 4200 EU,

Which seem to the the only model available in the UK,

It was actually introduced in March 2013 and discontinued in April 2015,

According to Wikipedia

Maybe this is why the price is dropping,

You have to be quick though as they soon sell out at £49, as it is £20 cheaper than it should be, cheaper than the Roku 2 player even,

The remote also needs to be paired with the box when you install the batteries there is a button inside the battery cover for this,

There is also a new model out of the Roku 3 it is called the 4230,

But is only available in the USA,

Hopefully the UK will get it,

As the 4200 EU is quite laggy when loading channels,

The specs are better with the 4230,

the 4230 has a lot faster processor barely any lag and there is a button on the remote for voice search,

They have changed the reload button on the left side of the OK button to the voice search button,

According to forums the new voice search remote is compatible with the older 4200 model Roku,

Roku 3 model 4230 review

I have only used the Roku 3 (4200EU) for 3 days but I have already connected it to Netflix,

Netflix monthly subscription options,

To setup the Roku player you do need to access the internet to set up a roku account on a tablet, phone or desktop PC,

Plug in your Roku player and it will generate a unique code,

Got to roku.com/link

Type in the code then create an account,

You need to do this before your Roku player will work,

You have to give them your name and address as well as credit or debit card details,

You can also use Paypal,

This is kept on file to charge you for additional content,

But there are 3 options, during the setup process,

Set up without any pin,
So it just charges you without asking,

Asks for pin on purchases,

Asks for pin on any changes in your account,

It then offers a list of channels for you to choose from,

Some channels have 30 day free trials like Netflix,

Some have a monthly subscription fee, this should be mentioned next to the option,

Once you have chosen your channels it loads them onto your Roku player and you are ready to go,

I joined Netflix and they do give you a free 30 day trial but you need to setup an account,

And give them credit or debit card details email address as well as everything else,

Virtually all channels will require some sort of way of keeping track of it’s users, or to send you emails about new shows,

You are normally allowed to surf as a visitor on their site like You Tube but to get full access you will need to provide information to them to allow you to use the full functions of the site,

Channel 4 catch up for example,

There was no buffering at all on Netflix,

It does help that I have a 16 mb connection so there shouldn’t be any problems,

I was messing around with it all day putting shows on my list in Netflix,

And the bottom of the Roku player got quite warm,

There are no fans or cooling vents in the player so all the heat from the processor stays inside the box,

I have connected my Roku via the Ethernet port for faster less laggy connection,

I have also connected it with the £1 HDMI cable and so far no problems,

I have connected it to this TV,

I haven’t looked into any other channels yet but I did notice when inputting passwords and email address to log into sites the remote is not really designed for this job,

Inputting searches for programs is also difficult with this remote,

It would be better with a wireless keyboard style remote,

So that might be an idea for the next Roku player,

I have not used the Roku app or the Netflix app yet,

So maybe it is easier on those devices,

If you do a factory reset of the Roku player you will need to go through the process of setting up the Roku player again,

But you don’t need to create another account,

Just select already have one and log in with your password,

Thanks for watching my video.

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