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Please contact @VadersStreams or @VadersResale for purchase, I got my trial in like 30 seconds!!!

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I kept seeing all about VaderStreams over Twitter, so thought I would get hold of @VadersStreams and @VadersResale and within minutes I had a trial for free for 3 days to test out this amazing service. I was blown away with the ease of the installation and entering my password and username. A simple set up and its all ready to go. The streams are solid and the quality is HD – Now please bear in mind my internet is currently below 1Mbps, yet the streams were loaded straight away and no lagging. This KODI IPTV service could be the best yet, its certainly on par with Easy Streams which I love and have been using for ages too.


Open Kodi
Select SYSTEM – File Manager
Select Add Source
Select None
Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type Vader & Select OK
Go back to your Home Screen
Select Add-Ons
Select Install from zip file
Select Vader
Wait for Add-on enabled notification
Select Install from Repository
Select Add-ons
Select Video add-ons
Select KODI IPTV Vader-Streams©
Select Install
Wait for Add-on enabled notification
Vader Streams is now installed so you must enter your login details
Go back to your Home Screen
Select VIDEOS -Add-Ons
Select Vader-Streams©
A popup will appear saying Please reconfigure plugin
Select OK
You can now add your Username and Password
Add your details
Vader is now setup


  1. I tried it on testing period it was quite good and response However many channels were not working and not so many channels, but i will put in my mind in case if my dexter went down. I hope that they will keep up good work and compete Dexter and Geras TV.

  2. I'm getting there. Had to purchase a box. Only 37 bucks, comes pre-installed with Kodi. Spoke with the guy on twitter about this one. You can do a VPN, just in case anyone else was wondering. I am going to test this when the box arrives this week. He is an "interesting" Guy. Nice though☺ Then if all goes well I'm in business. Thanks☺

  3. haha I have no idea. it was on twitter. He wrote things like, yup, cus,. Basically sounded like he had never been in a classroom his whole life☺ Like I said, nice guy. I will let you know once I am up and running.

  4. So I have just signed up and so far the service has been terrible ! I have had all my UK channels off for huge parts of the day and as I write this they are all down again ! Thank the lord that Stream hub and its FREE live tv channels are pretty stable.

    Now this could just be a bad day but Vader streams are one of the more expensive iptv services and they have one of the snallest channel lists they do however have some of the best channel quality that I have seen ! HOWEVER that is not much use if the channels are rarely available to view.

    I hope that this is just a bad day but when free services like stream hub are more stable than a platform asking for a fee then your business model may not be that great…-

  5. I purchased a one months subscription and regret it
    It fails in every way
    Movies unplayable
    TV splutters and buffers
    etc etc
    This bloke talks about 1Mbps and it runs perfectly -I have nearly 50Mbps and its shit!


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