What You Get And How To Set Up Amazon Fire TV 4K Box – Instructional Video

A walkthrough tutorial on how to set up your Amazon Fire TV 4K Box when you order from Boom media.

Purchase the fully unlocked version in the video here:

You can save money buy buying the stock version and donwloading the Boom Media App yourself.

Buy the Boom Media App here:

Purchase the Stock Version NOT UNLOCKED here:

Save $5 by purchasing the stock version refurbished by Amazon Here:

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  1. A few questions regarding Amazon fire tv box
    1. why not to buy from amazon directly?
    2. which operating system it uses?
    3. Is it open to every application like any Android tv box?
    4 What is the internal storage?

  2. I was wondering would we be able to install addons onto the boom media center. There is an addon for "Drama Fever" which an internet streaming service for Korean Dramas that I would like to try to add on. I was also wondering if you would consider having an addon for youtube inside Boom Media Center. I know you can get to the app outside of Boom but I thought it might be nice to have it within it for convenience.


  3. I was wondering if you could do a quick video tutorial on how to addon onto the Boom Media Center. I am hoping to see how to do I addon to the current existing menus.


  4. Ok, New to this, and some say these are not legal, what's the difference, I want to cut cable period if I can, and if this can help me do that, then I need one. I see different ones all over the place, but don't really get it, can I just get basic cable and use this or do I get rid of cable all together and will it wok like cable worked, with the same channels and sports and everything? Confused with these boxes, to many of them out there. could you explain all this stuff.


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