Pros N Cons share the best paid iptv services available now. The best live tv addons for kodi, android boxes, fire tv stick, nvidia shield, etc.


  1. So we just cut the directv. Its was like $90 a month and we barely watched it. We were thinking that we were gonna get a ling box and try that out but we noticed that our xbox one had Sling on it. We have a Roku in the bedroom that we only used for Netflix. So my question is, if i have an xbox and roku already is there any need to get a streaming stick or Apple tv? Or since we already have devices that stream to the TV are we better off just getting SlingTV app? I mainly want live TV for sports. I dont watch episodes of anything. I just watch live tv. So the ESPNs,NFL Network, and FOX for live sports.

  2. WHAT A LOAD OF CROCK YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT, YOUR TITLE SAYS "WHAT'S THE BEST IPTV SERVICE IN THE MARKET | PROS N CONS KODI" and then you are saying try them out, buffering is caused by low bandwidth and too much traffic, people just buy a internet package with very high upload speeds, that will eliminate buffering, simples.

  3. You guys are funny. What are making this video for? Your advice is to try them all and pick the one you like best. Did we need you to tell us something so obvious? And I can't figure out what names you are using. You could offer an onscreen text for the names you mention. Your video is totally useless.

  4. You said in your video I can email you, but I do not see your email anywhere here. Please advise how I am able to email you directly. I am desperate and NEED your help badly. Thank you very much!

  5. After a couple of weeks of Nitro, I have to say, stay away. The idea is good but buffering and lag and flat out disconnects kill the product. Nice people too. very friendly but the product just isn't reliable at this time. Considering how much I despise the cable companies, I want IPTV to succeed.

  6. I think the idea of trying each of them was a pretty smart idea. I think you have to put in a lot of research on your own to cater to your own needs. Why I am paying Cablevision $200 a month with NO extras NO movie channels? (Really $130 as part of the package. No DVR here on any of these? That's an extra cost too remember. And one for EACH TV? Gotta do my homework!

  7. I know there are many out there but I would like to know the name because I would like to check to see which one is better for me, and I also would like one that has prerecorded shows, I can see when I want, this is more important than live tv but I would also like like live tv for my husband.

  8. The problem with cheap iptv services is they are scams. Often they are only up for 2-3 months and then they disappear. So you pay for a full year but it only works for 2-5 months..

  9. CNN is pure brainwashing propaganda as are 95% of all media for the globalists whose goal is to wipe out the middle class in America. look up the Bilderberg Group and globalists and agenda 21 .


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