Xfinity’s best designed cable box is finally here. This thing takes a crazy leap forward in how you watch TV. It really is the all in one experience. Watch it from our perspective here at Alltech.






  1. Nice video man!! this is awesome. I like what your doing! I liked and subscribed. Subscribed back we can shout out sometime

    P.S. You need to fix your channel page its missing lots of your content, go to creator studio, click view channel, and then add in the correct channel trailer and add sections! Let me know if you need help i got you!

  2. Cable TV is an obsolete technology dude. Netflix, Sling.TV and IP-based video, in general, is the way of the future. Comcast's service is expensive, requires a box on every TV, and they often have a monopoly (exclusive deals to be the only cable operator in your city), eliminating any competition.

  3. By the way everyone I'm going to be publishing more videos soon. I just have been very lazy and haven't had much time to make videos. The summer has been very busy for me. Hope everyone else's summer is going well.

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