Xfinity X1 Voice Remote Review

Remote control information:

– TV stand

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use voice control?
Press and hold the Microphone (Mic) button while speaking a command into the microphone located at the top of the remote. Be sure to speak one to eight inches away from the microphone. Release the Microphone (Mic) button when you have finished the command.

When is the microphone on?
The microphone is only on while you are pressing and holding the Microphone (Mic) button on your remote. A flashing light on your remote and a microphone symbol on the TV connected to your X1 set-top box let you know that the microphone is on and listening for your voice commands.

What voice commands can I use?
The voice remote from XFINITY supports natural language speech recognition, so you can search by keyword as well as by phrase. Use voice control to change channels, search for shows, get recommendations and more. Please see The Voice Remote from XFINITY – Voice Command Tips for an extended list of available voice commands. Here are some examples of voice commands:
“Watch NBC”
“Find kids movies”
“Launch Sports app”
“Show me what’s on tonight at seven”
“Turn on Closed Captioning”
“Show me settings”

What happens to my voice commands after I speak them into the remote?
After you speak into the remote, the voice commands are sent to Comcast and its contracted service provider for processing. Comcast and its provider use these voice commands to provide the voice control service (including for quality assurance, troubleshooting, and customer support), improve Comcast’s products and services and improve their voice recognition algorithms.

Why doesn’t the voice remote recognize my voice commands?
If your commands are not recognized, make sure you are speaking clearly and at a natural, conversational volume. Hold the remote one to eight inches away while giving a command and hold down the Microphone (Mic) button until you finish speaking. If you are still having trouble, consider whether or not there are other sources of noise near you that may be interfering with your voice commands.

The battery levels in your remote could also have an impact on voice commands. To check your battery level, visit the About section of the X1 Settings menu. If your battery level is red or yellow, try changing your batteries.

Why won’t the voice remote work with my other Comcast set-top boxes?
Once your voice remote is paired to a set-top box, it is uniquely paired and will not control other Comcast set-top boxes unless paired with another box.

Note: The voice recognition feature is not supported on RNG150N set-top boxes.

What Comcast set-top boxes support the voice remote?
The voice remote is supported by all X1 set-top box models (except the RNG150N). The remote must be paired with the appropriate model set-top box to enable the voice control functionality.

Will my voice remote control my TV, audio receiver and sound bar?
Yes, for most models. Visit to see if the remote supports your TV, audio receiver, or sound bar, and for instructions to set up your voice remote to control your TV and audio receiver or sound bar, if supported.

How do I get the new voice remote?
The voice remote from XFINITY is now available to new and existing X1 customers. Existing X1 customers can visit to order (shipping and handling fees apply) online or a local XFINITY Store or Customer Service Center to pick one up in person.

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  1. Good video talking about the great features of this remote. You would think the remote is awesome based on those qualities. Unfortunately, this remote has some MAJOR flaws too. For instance, it does not have a device button, which even caveman remotes have had since remotes shed their cords.

    What is ridiculously stupid about this remote is that the instructions make you believe you can program all of your devices, but what you realize soon is that it can only be programmed to one thing at a time, so the "TV" button on the top of it is basically redundant. You have a power button top right and a TV button top left. If you program the remote for your TV, both buttons operate your TV. If you program it to work your sound system, the top right button works your audio but then the TV button no longer works.

    I can't believe they put all this science into the voice tech and motion sensing lights on this remote and completely overlooked a device button, which is a basic feature on virtually every remote made since the 90's. My TV remote can do everything this remote can do, except light up and accept voice commands. My TV remote has a device button and I can program 4 different devices to it. My sound system remote also has a device button for 4 devices. The OLD cable remote had a device button too, 4 devices. This one, fancy, but retarded.


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